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  • ​The return of MUT Team Captains in Madden NFL 22

    Oct-02-2021 Categories: news

    MMOgo Madden news - To initially acquire a Team Captain, players need to open Team Affinity, which opens up at level 4. Players can step up quicker in the game by playing modes like Superstar KO. Additionally, it likewise procures them a 85 OVR Aaron Rodgers by tossing five scores in the mode. When Team Affinity is opened, ... [...]

  • ​What are the Solo Battle compensations in Madden 22

    Sep-27-2021 Categories: news

    What are the Solo Battle compensations in Madden 22 Madden 22's Ultimate Team has numerous features that players can snag. also, the Solo Battles framework is one more augmentation with a lot of remunerations. Assuming players need to test their group without similar common stakes and prizes to go along, then, at tha ... [...]

  • ​Elder Scrolls Blades - Anticipating PvP Gearing/Gameplay Strategies

    Dec-11-2019 Categories: news

    I apprehend not anybody will ambition to allotment their thoughts on this as it may beggarly a accident in aggressive advantage, but I'm analytical what humans are cerebration will be adequate armor/jewelry/weapon strategies for PvP already the amend is released. Obviously, lots will change afresh - but what is acces ... [...]

  • ​Madden 20 - What would you do in this case

    Dec-05-2019 Categories: news

    I'm in the 4th year of authorization approach as the Giants. Just won my aboriginal cool bowl. Saquan is my alone X-factor superstar. Here's the issue. I drafted a HB at 32nd overall. He had amazing grades, amalgamate and had an aboriginal 1st grade. Anybody I capital was gone except guys with 3rd/4th annular grades. ... [...]

  • ​Astellia Online - Party Etiquette

    Dec-05-2019 Categories: news

    We all apperceive the feels of if anyone is affliction your gameplay. Respecting your affair we all apperceive the basics but today were traveling to dive into added detail on how to account others in Astellia afterwards affliction your grind. Starting if you access a alcove with a group. Anybody can yield differernt ... [...]

  • ​RuneScape - Alleviate apparatus up to 150

    Dec-05-2019 Categories: news

    Add added allowances to alleviate from 120-150. Ideas here. Swap weapon specials. Example - Remove Mirrorback from a Noxious weapon and add it to accession weapon. RARE Elder artifacts for weapons (maybe activate through Archaeology) to accession accurateness and accident (Only T90+ weapon ... [...]

  • ​Elder Scrolls Blades - Are Bouncer all that useful

    Dec-05-2019 Categories: news

    I've apparent a few humans afresh say to canal the shields. I accept kept them and been alluring them. I just got a above Ebony absorber from a aureate chest bead and was apprehensive if it was account spending the money alluring to upgrade? and are there any decidedly advantageous enchants for shields? I've b ... [...]

  • ​Madden 20 - Abhorrent advice on top difficulty

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    Im basically searching for advice with active an breach on college difficulty. I accept played a few amateur so far and active into the aforementioned botheration I had with Maaden 19. Afore these two amateur I haven't played anger in about a decade. I acquisition the lower brace of difficulties too easy. I played so ... [...]

  • ​MapleStory M - Best Class by playstyle and background

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    Hello everyone, I apperceive this is a argumentation affair because some humans will say things like "it's all what do you want" "your Playstyle" etc etc... Maplestory M Mesos but there's a lot abridgement of advice in web. My catechism is: What's the best chic ? Considering my accomplishments and playsty ... [...]

  • ​Astellia Online - Marketing suggestion

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    How about giving anniversary amalgamation holder (game package, not you're sitting there captivation your package!) 5 30-day (or 14 day) keys to accord away? Accomplish the accounts that use the keys clumsy to use added than one so they can't be stacked. I agreement that a lot of players accord to guilds in added ama ... [...]

  • ​POE - Afire arrow now has 6 ignites

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    The actuality that GGG added a abstracted debuff that endless on top of bake for afire arrow shows that they apperceive bake is abhorrent for individual ambition unless your accomplishment is in actuality the slowest hardest hitting accomplishment in the bold (cough all-powerful ire cough.) Please for the adulation of god b ... [...]

  • ​RuneScape - Why not make the blessed flask separated in tiers

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    Herblore and agriculture 120 updates just bead out and its abounding of agreeable and, all-embracing this amend was good, but if you see one of the top lvl unlocks on herblore you can atom the adored flask, with lvl 118 herblore and 96 ability bare to craft, and an batty bulk of items to grind. Is absolutely annual to accom ... [...]

  • ​Elder Scrolls Blades - Stalkers and Trolls

    Dec-04-2019 Categories: news

    For those of you who are appropriate bodies here: acknowledge you. The majority of interactions i've had over the accomplished year accept been positive. I abundantly acknowledge the acceptable humans i've "met" here. My antecedence on this sub has been to advice added players wherever i can, advice body the bold ass ... [...]

  • ​Madden 20 - 30 for 30 with Madden

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    John madden, the man who this bold is called after, envisioned this bold to be a teaching tool. To admonish the masses about the bold of football and the nuances and strategies that beset the bold and MUT 20 Coins to be a accurate football simulation. How far accept they collapsed off the wagon with this man's v ... [...]

  • ​MapleStory M - Need advise about golden apple

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    Hello. I am new abecedarian of this game. I'm aggravating to apprehend abounding guides, but this time I allegation advice of abounding accomplished players because it is a botheration of money... I accept purchased 14*900 annual of aureate angel to get meso, and I got 2 mounts(dragon and added thing), 1 section of a ... [...]

  • ​Astellia Online - Crafting and Gathering

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    Over all its got some acceptable credibility but afresh there are the bad ones that currently outwiegh the good. One such bad point is it gives you no experience. Acquaintance is acute for leveling guilds in game. In about every added big bold you accretion acquaintance if acquisition or crafting. So why not in this ... [...]

  • ​POE - How would your builds alter with the new gem system

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    How would your builds alter with the new gem system? I was watching zizaren's annual with Jonathan, and Jonathan mentioned that we should appear up with annual as to how we will use this. I don't bethink seeing a post, so I anticipation I would column my ideas. For spell builds - I would apparently use a abundant col ... [...]

  • RuneScape - 120 herb cape perk

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    Is there a acumen as to why we can accomplish batches of 5 approved supreme/elder overloads but we deceit with their analgesic variants? Back originally they didn't accede humans with salves abounding up OSRS gold, they afflicted it so that humans with thousands of salves banked didn't get fucked over. I'm apprehensi ... [...]

  • ​Elder Scrolls Blades - Inconsistent abysm annihilate rewards

    Dec-03-2019 Categories: news

    So this morning I was active abyss, the aboriginal monster would consistently admission the aboriginal annual reward, the 2nd monster would admission the board chest + 2nd annual accolade and that would accord me the advantage of abandonment or killing the 3rd monster for a 3rd reward. I put the bold down and went an ... [...]

  • ​Madden 20 - Can you advice me

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    Hello adolescent Madden fans, I just got Madden 20 a few months ago and acquire absolutely started to play it a lot added as of late. I accomplished the "Story Mode" and abstruse how to play the bold with some of the new mechanics (haven't played a bold aback 2008), and so I approved transitioning to Authorization mo ... [...]

  • ​MapleStory M - Charge your assessment on this

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    So, I fabricated this Mythic Jaihin Hammer and it now has 15sf and 2 curve ballsy potential. Few canicule later, I begin a Altered Jaihin Hammer with 18sf (far from PBA) and has appropriate blaze stats (phys att to 124.3% crit rate) and 3 curve altered potential. The catechism is, should I abide alive on my ac ... [...]

  • ​Astellia Online - Airy walls and added pet peeves

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    Please fix or yield out the airy walls that assume about placed and accomplish no faculty whatsoever throughout the maps. Yes, I can see an airy bank on the EDGES of the maps but absolutely not one preventing you from jumping off a bluff to an contrarily "in bound" area below. This happens a lot and it's absolutely b ... [...]

  • ​POE - Acceptable vs. bad affectionate of difficulty

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    During the Uber Ancient fight, arguably one of the a lot of difficult fights in the game, there are two types of adversity in my assessment - the one congenital about alive the action mechanics and accepting able to exhausted them (the "good" one) and the one congenital about not acquainted something in calefaction of the a ... [...]

  • ​RuneScape - Wilderness and PVP Rework ideas

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    As it stands the wilderness is predominately asleep agreeable in the agreement of PVP action of fighter verses fighter. Whilst a baby amphitheater of PVP enthusiasts exist, the majority of PVP is fighter vs skiller based. The wilderness, in my acquaintance and assessment these canicule is just a high-ish accolade vs average ... [...]

  • ​Elder Scrolls Blades - Some tips that I begin absolutely helpful

    Dec-02-2019 Categories: news

    Okay, afore I start, I'm currently akin 30 with abandoned about 2 weeks of playing. I've appear about a dozen of comments of players that charge some advice or tips for amphitheatre so I've absitively to actualize this post, if this is not helpful, I'll abolish it. Thing that agitated me the a lot of is not accepting ... [...]