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​Madden 20 - What would you do in this case

Dec-06-2019 PST

I'm in the 4th year of authorization approach as the Giants. Just won my aboriginal cool bowl. Saquan is my alone X-factor superstar.

Here's the issue. I drafted a HB at 32nd overall. He had amazing grades, amalgamate and had an aboriginal 1st grade. Anybody I capital was gone except guys with 3rd/4th annular grades.

This HB is 76 OVR with at atomic a brilliant brand (hidden appropriate now). I don't ambition to waste/trade a HB I drafted but he will never be a affection aback with Saquan.

Saquan was the alliance MVP with 2.1k yards and 90+ catches. Basically the alone acumen I won the SB. Annihilation was alive and he agitated me. Checkdowns, screens etc. to get him in amplitude and accept him do his thing.

Honestly apparently the a lot of fun bold I've played. That's the altercation for Saquan really. He's just so abundant fun to play.

The downside is maybe he's “too much” fun. He feels like a bluff cipher at times. I accept my sliders at a point area things feel kinda difficult and it's appealing realistic, which is what I'm traveling for…except for Saquan.

I feel like a lot of amateur are traveling to be added absorbing if I didn't accept the affliction of absolution Barkeley out of a lot of jams.

Salary not an issue.