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​MapleStory M - Charge your assessment on this

news Dec-02-2019

​MapleStory M - Charge your assessment on this

So, I fabricated this Mythic Jaihin Hammer and it now has 15sf and 2 curve ballsy potential.

Few canicule later, I begin a Altered Jaihin Hammer with 18sf (far from PBA) and has appropriate blaze stats (phys att to 124.3% crit rate) and 3 curve altered potential.

The catechism is, should I abide alive on my accepted Mythic PBA Jaihin Hammer or alpha afresh with the Altered Jaihin Hammer?

Personally, I anticipate that I should alpha over with the Altered Jaihin Hammer because of the appropriate blaze stats and 3 curve altered abeyant and of course, the hardly college sf (never had any luck in this). IS and AIS are usually accessible in contest so I can at atomic accomplish it aural 5% lower than PBA.

Note: I'm a F2P so adumbration scrolls and accessory scrolls are actual limited.

Side notes:

- I acreage gold leaves consistently so baronial up is not an issue.

- Also, I acquire all the time in the apple as I am not in a blitz to get a appropriate Hammer. I just wish to apperceive which of these two hammers is better, and why?

- Neither of them is is emblem.

- Cubes are actual bound to me and so far I don't acquire any luck with cubes. My items don't rank up from atramentous cubes and red cubes. (Stamps too) sobs.

Advice is appreciated. Acknowledge you actual abundant for the acknowledgment and advice!