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​RuneScape - Why not make the blessed flask separated in tiers

Dec-04-2019 PST

Herblore and agriculture 120 updates just bead out and its abounding of agreeable and, all-embracing this amend was good, but if you see one of the top lvl unlocks on herblore you can atom the adored flask, with lvl 118 herblore and 96 ability bare to craft, and an batty bulk of items to grind. Is absolutely annual to accomplish this flask? As anon the amend bead i went beeline to the herblore tab to see the requirements to accomplish it, and seeing the bulk of items that you allegation to get to made it is just apperception blowing. If you dont know, or you just dont apprehend the bullwork i'll annual it (only with the items you can't buy on GE, alone the bullwork list):

-40,000 adored sand. (around 35-40k sandstone)

-1200 red sandstone.

-1200 crystal-flecked sandstone.

-250 alaea sea salt.

-5000 harmonic dust.

-1 angelic water. (not absolutely a big grind)

-5 Light core. (not absolutely a big grind)

-500 Complete energy.

Just from this annual you can see that you allegation to delay 12 canicule (if 115 alcove and aristocratic arid tasks complete) or 24 canicule (as you accept 50 circadian cap on both, or 100 if you accept acess to the others 2 rocks).

But its not a harder assignment accepting then, beneath than 10 annual in bold you ability the cap and you allegation to appear aback tomorrow to abundance again.

The complete bullwork on this is accepting 40k adored sands, to get one adored beach you allegation to absolve on any saradomin chantry added accomplished sand, wich you get cutting Sandstone, college the weight added added accomplished beach you get.

The time bare to bullwork and absolve the sandstone is about 25h. (not counting the buy complete of sandstone on ge of 100/4hours)

For an top lvl annual central one, if not, the a lot of big-ticket accomplishment to alternation at this time, why accomplish batty time arresting grind? We now accept from lvl 100-120 to accomplish new potions and items that can advance the superior of activity in game, why not yield the adored alembic and abstracted in stages, like we accept with masterwork. In lower lvls you can accomplish the adored alembic with lower adequacy of autumn adoration doses, and in lvl 112 with a bigger capability, and on lvl 118 the best capability of them all.

Scalating the adequacy of storagement you can calibration and bisect the bullwork to accomplish the best flask. In the continued appellation it will be the aforementioned grind, but amateur could analysis the low bank alembic and see if it would be a acceptable accession for their future affairs in the bold and go bullwork the best flask, or if it isn't the affectionate of bullwork that is annual for then, they will not decay so abounding time in a annual that will not accomplish a abundant difference.