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  • POE - Seeking physique advice

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    So I am still appealing new at aggravating adulteration accident at all. I acquire accomplished mostly DoT, Poison, Activity and ES. I am blessed with the individual ambition accident I can do with Viper Strike (probably mostly through Growing Agony). But I am just absolutely clumsy to bright beyond groups of enemies ... [...]

  • Fortnite - We charge something to GRIND for

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    I apperceive anybody actuality wants to allocution about how bad the meta is, but let's set that abreast for now. Fortnite is accident players for added reasons. The bold is accepting stale. Even the bad players who acquire been about for a while acquire affluence of wins. Acceptable bureau annihilation anymore to ab ... [...]

  • Maplestory - If to alter arctic set

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    I'm a 156 hero and i'm apprehensive when/what i alter my arctic set with. I apperceive the anarchy basis abysm set is what I should be cutting for eventually but the pensalir set doesn't assume bigger than the arctic set and it seems like it'd be appealing harder to do cra with the arctic set... Wings of fate + hq/di ... [...]

  • Madden - Why I adulation Madden 19 on PC

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    I adulation football and I adulation Madden. I'm a PC gamer. I had a PSX aback in the 90s but aback then, I've alone played amateur on the computer. I played the active hell out of Madden 08 on the PC (until something like 2011 I believe, manually patching agenda updates). I was afraid if Madden 19 was appear ... [...]

  • NBA 2K - Introducing NBA MyTeam JAM

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    Need a fun agenda to use while cat-and-mouse for 2k19 to drop? Introducing NBA MyTeam JAM, an best agenda breadth every* amateur gets their best appraisement from MyTeam. Been alive on this agenda for several weeks. Aswell includes Reggie Miller! Just accomplished up an best agenda in which I change every* player's a ... [...]

  • FIFA - Charge advice with CB in pro clubs

    Aug-19-2018 Categories: news

    I fabricated a column a while ago allurement for advice with arena CB and all your tips were absolutely helpful. However I'm now accepting some new problems the endure brace of canicule and I'm acquisitive I can get some help. Firstly everytime I accouterment the brawl just bounces aback of me beeline to the amateur ... [...]

  • POE - All Forsaken Adept crafts attainable at a ...

    Aug-18-2018 Categories: news

    So I had this abstraction of maybe alleviative the masters added like reputation, and the amount of their crafts will go down based on how abounding acceptability you acquire appear them. For example, I acquire Elreon affiliated 7 and I wish assorted crafted mods, maybe it'll amount 4ex at that affiliated to ability ... [...]

  • Fortnite - Timed challenges is stupid

    Aug-18-2018 Categories: news

    Literally at the balloon in the river by amazon boondocks and I'm aggravating the accomplished fucking time until the storm comes and kills me. And I acquire the absolute avenue but the storm comes and starts backward my bold for some reason. On my endure try I get to the endure timer and appropriate if I'm about to get it ... [...]

  • Maplestory - Lab server affiliated 200 survival ...

    Aug-18-2018 Categories: news

    Now I am one of abounding that has been busted over by Nexon, yet again, for this quest. Nexon appear an advertisement adage that even admitting the diction of the adventure and the attributes of lab server is simple to misunderstand, that they will not be giving rewards to those that died during the von leon fight, ... [...]

  • Madden - Anout CFM thoughts and changes from so ...

    Aug-18-2018 Categories:

    I get Madden a lot of years and play CFM every year with a few friends. Actuality are some thoughts and things that differ. Blessed to acknowledgment questions as well. -Scouting is abounding bigger in my opinion. Mid-round guys aren't all red 60's this year. The majority of them in actuality acquire mid-round talent ... [...]