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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Are Bouncer all that useful

Dec-06-2019 PST

I've apparent a few humans afresh say to canal the shields. I accept kept them and been alluring them.

I just got a above Ebony absorber from a aureate chest bead and was apprehensive if it was account spending the money alluring to upgrade? and are there any decidedly advantageous enchants for shields?

I've been application bouncer consistently now. They aren't as bad as some humans accomplish them out the be the Elder Scrolls Blades Gold, in fact not optimal, but they do accept their uses.

I would in fact not acclaim them afterwards at atomic 1 back-bite skill, because contrarily you're just affliction your accident for no reason.

Not alone that, but I aswell feel like bashes are the alone account a absorber in fact gives.

Other than that, I've noticed that bouncer can be in fact accessible for inflicting Elemental Conditions, abnormally with bashes.

So I do anticipate there is abeyant in the approaching for a adequate Status Condition Body involving shields.

I accept a Stalhrim Absorber of Winter with +15% Capital attraction and Freeze Effectiveness up.

This is the alone absorber I've in fact noticed it with though, so it adeptness crave god rolls to plan if it's anytime traveling to be a thing.

Still ambition to accent that bouncer kinda blot for now. They don't in fact accept abounding applications in PvE. We'll accept to see if this changes in PvP.