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​Astellia Online - Marketing suggestion

Dec-04-2019 PST

How about giving anniversary amalgamation holder (game package, not you're sitting there captivation your package!) 5 30-day (or 14 day) keys to accord away? Accomplish the accounts that use the keys clumsy to use added than one so they can't be stacked.

I agreement that a lot of players accord to guilds in added amateur and can acquisition humans to accompany over.

This is:

- Bargain advertising

- Direct advertising

- Effective advertising

This is bigger than just giving abroad keys on sites like MMORPG.com (no breach to them, I adulation them) but there is a greater affecting tie if you try a bold and are arena with a acquaintance (or antecedent guildy) and are there because they invited you than if you just saw some chargeless keys and affective one.

30 canicule is abundant because who wants to bandy abroad that abundant effort?

14 canicule should be the minimum as it covers 2 weekends and you wish to accomplish abiding they accept time to see the value.

As an alternating you could set it to something like 10 hours of gameplay as adjoin to days.

Regardless how you do it, it alone makes faculty to use us to advice abound the community.

Just my 2 cents!