Weekly FortNite STW Free Traps




  • Bobcat-5 Stars-Maxed Perk (Physical)
    Bobcat-5 Stars-Maxed Perk (Physical)
    [PC] Bobcat-5 Stars-Maxed Perk (Physical)
    $ 2.59 BUY
  • Krypton Sword-5 Stars (Energy)
    Krypton Sword-5 Stars (Energy)
    [PC] Krypton Sword-5 Stars (Energy)
    $ 2.59 BUY
  • Dam Buster Pack

    Dam Buster Pack

    Dam Buster-5 Stars-Maxed Perk*3

    Dam Buster-4 Stars-Maxed Perk *1 Free

    Dam Buster Pack
    [PS4] Dam Buster Pack
    $ 4.79 BUY
  • Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed Pack

    Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed Pack

    Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed (Energy) *3

    Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed (Energy)*1 Free

    Buy 3 get 1 free

    Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed Pack
    [PS4] Nocturno-5 Stars-Maxed Pack
    $ 9.29 BUY
  • Grave Digger 5 Stars Maxed Pack

    Grave Digger 5 Stars Maxed Pack

    Grave Digger-5 Stars-Maxed (Fire) *3

    Grave Digger-5 Stars-Maxed (Fire)*1 Free

    Buy 3 get 1 free

    Grave Digger 5 Stars Maxed Pack
    [XBOX ONE] Grave Digger 5 Stars Maxed Pack
    $ 9.29 BUY
  • Pumpkin Pack

    Pumpkin Pack

    Jack-O-Launcher-5 Stars(Fire)*3

    Jack-O-Launcher-4 Stars-Maxed*1

    Pumpkin Pack
    [XBOX ONE] Pumpkin Pack
    $ 4.79 BUY



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