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RuneScape - 120 herb cape perk

news Dec-03-2019

RuneScape - 120 herb cape perk

Is there a acumen as to why we can accomplish batches of 5 approved supreme/elder overloads but we deceit with their analgesic variants? Back originally they didn't accede humans with salves abounding up OSRS gold, they afflicted it so that humans with thousands of salves banked didn't get fucked over.

I'm apprehensive if its an blank and they forgot to accomplish it administer to salves afterwards the change or if this is in actuality intentional.

Currently, if you are authoritative ancient afflict salves but adjudge to accomplish your overloads analgesic aboriginal afore advance from complete to elder, you'll absence out on a lot of overloads for no reason.

Surely alteration it to accomplish the cape advantage plan with salves would be fine? Or am i missing something? Because at the end of the day 2 humans with their ambition of ancient afflict salves in apperception would end up with the aforementioned end product, afar from accepting A would accept absent out on a lot of overloads absolutely because he fabricated his salves the added way about to accepting B.

It wouldn't be the same. Currently you get a chargeless 25% overload, and that's it. If it formed while advance salves to ancient salves, you'd aswell get a chargeless 25% of the accessory pots too, which they don't want.

Person A makes 1000 complete overloads and upgrades them to ancient overloads and receives 1250, afresh needs to bore 1250 accessory pots to advancement to salve.

Person B makes 1000 complete overloads and sinks 1000 accessory pots to accomplish them salves, afresh upgrades to ancient and receives 1250 ancient salves.

The aberration is, accepting B accustomed 250 free; antifire, cool antifire, prayer, adoration face-lifting and antibiotic on top of the chargeless overloads.

The alone way to do it fairly, would be to alone accord abject ancient overloads if advance salves to ancient salves.