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​RuneScape - Alleviate apparatus up to 150

Dec-06-2019 PST

Add added allowances to alleviate from 120-150.

Ideas here.

Swap weapon specials.

Example -

Remove Mirrorback from a Noxious weapon and add it to accession weapon.

RARE Elder artifacts for weapons (maybe activate through Archaeology) to accession accurateness and accident (Only T90+ weapons) (You alleviate artifacts and add them to your called weapon, as an add on NOT a perk)

Examples -

Khopesh blades (Elidinis) 441/2577 and (Tumeken) 883/2577.

Would be upgraded to (at set levels)

130 (Elidinis) 457/2616

140 (Elidinis) 473/2655

150 (Elidinis) 489/2694


130 (Tumeken) 899/2616.

140 (Tumeken) 915/2655

150 (Tumeken) 931/2694.

Above is based on the aberration amid a T90 and a T92, afresh aggregate amid 3 and added to the weapons stats, this way some humans adeptness get a bottom one afore a top end artifact.