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​MapleStory M - Need advise about golden apple

Dec-04-2019 PST

Hello. I am new abecedarian of this game. I'm aggravating to apprehend abounding guides, but this time I allegation advice of abounding accomplished players because it is a botheration of money...

I accept purchased 14*900 annual of aureate angel to get meso, and I got 2 mounts(dragon and added thing), 1 section of aureate angel puzzle, 1 chair, 13 brilliant accessory annal 70% and... abounding addict potions, souls(no magnificent), cubes... abounding other stuffs.

Anyway, actuality are my questions.

1, If is best timing to advertise these stuffs?

2, I cannot advertise aggregate because I accept alone 3 slots for trading. Can I move aureate angel items to added character, and advertise them?

3, Did I got worth? Or average?

4, If I acquirement something later, aureate angel and adept label, which one brings added worth?

Sorry for abounding questions but I wish to accomplish abiding about these questions. Thank you.