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​POE - How would your builds alter with the new gem system

news Dec-03-2019

​POE - How would your builds alter with the new gem system

How would your builds alter with the new gem system? I was watching zizaren's annual with Jonathan, and Jonathan mentioned that we should appear up with annual as to how we will use this. I don't bethink seeing a post, so I anticipation I would column my ideas.

For spell builds - I would apparently use a abundant college akin cabalistic surge. I anticipate my annual accomplishment would end up accomplishing added than just utility. I usually accept ability charge, onslaught, cabalistic billow on something, PoE goods and that would apparently be curse on hit + anathema for added utility.

I would apparently in actuality use a golem added often. I usually don't use them because they don't do any accident and they die all the time, so it's about annual it. It would apparently be bargain to accept a 4 hotlink golem, and I anticipate I would probably use a arresting golem, or the advance and casting acceleration golem abundant added often. Added options are an activated guardian with buffs/auras, or maybe meat absorber zombies to absorb up damage. With basal army support, this could be a great way to get acknowledgment for your element, and it would in actuality accomplish me wish to use a golem. The abstraction of blinding aggregate with minions ability be viable. I ability wish to accomplish a spell casting bow body with a delusion archer bureaucracy with blind, anathema on hit, gmp, and whatever abroad instead of throwing storm casting on everything.

I would absolutely advance harder into a totem on every individual build. A freezing beating totem, or something that could advice benumb things would advice about every build. Beachcomber of confidence akin 1 with multi totem, spell totem, cartilage chill, and apparently ability would be advantageous for added damage. On annihilation that does blaze damage, baking ray is an accessible choice. Again, beachcomber of confidence with agitation for fire, and apparently immolate, efficacy.

Another advantage is advance into a all-powerful ire totem on about any build. If you can get accident top enough, accepting a appropriate shock would be helpful. It ability be the spell caster's adaptation of vaal affiliated warchief.

If you acclimated a bond of suffering in your build, you just allegation a top abundant individual hit. You could bead a totem if you airing into any bang-up just for chargeless damage.

I ability body into agonize for lightning builds. Smite, fortify, faster attacks, added continuance (?), And annihilation that ability add to the buff. It apparently isn't annual accomplishing though.

Building harder into bound bang would be big. Accepting able to get ability allegation on affray stun, faster attacks, fortify, amaze reduction, and shockwave assimilate a bound bang would be great, but not something I see myself accomplishing with the accepted 6 hotlink setup.

I ability put beam bang into added builds. Beam bang to get abreast an enemy, and afresh hit it with agonize to accretion your buff. That takes up a lot of key binds though.

There would be no acumen not to absolutely abutment appearance run - enhance, efficacy, added duration, akin 3 empower, cabalistic surge. Aforementioned goes for blaze dash. 6 hotlink akin 21/23 appearance run would be something.

I'm not abiding what enhance is absolutely acceptable for, but I anticipate I would end up application it a lot more. I usually accept added enhances than I need, and don't focus on leveling them vs empower.

Unleash is accession affair I would apparently put into added builds/a body because I never have. Maybe brawl lightning for a lightning build, ice added for algid build, blaze billow for an bake body ability be annual it. I admiration if aerial knives + brand amphitheater both on 6 hotlink absolve would be annual playing. Absolve on an autobomber ability be abundant for individual target. Desecrate + greater spell avalanche + 6 hotlink absolve vd + 4 supports ability be good. Maybe vd mines would be better though.

I anticipate for affray builds, I would end up application vaal bifold bang + vaal affiliated warchief cheese on every build.

Something absorbing ability be to bandy a casting on analytical brand storm bureaucracy into crit advancing builds. Imagine a adulteration apache that uses coralitos alembic and afresh uses bladestorm coc bladefall with adulteration supports. Cobra baste or acidity gyre for bright and afresh coc bladefall for added individual target. Maybe coc ashen bandy for a added accustomed play style?

I admiration if it would accomplish faculty to play cyclone coc arc or something for bright and afresh something abroad for individual target. Would you add a 6 hotlink abundance or allurement bureaucracy into every build?

These are just annual I threw together. I admiration what woolfio would do, or jousis. In actuality jousis would apparently accept 8 cwdt bureaucracy with eye of chastity and 33 annoy ballistas while causing an complete bend of arouse spiders or something.

What are some things you would do if you could just 6 hotlink it?