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​Elder Scrolls Blades - Stalkers and Trolls

Dec-04-2019 PST

For those of you who are appropriate bodies here: acknowledge you. The majority of interactions i've had over the accomplished year accept been positive. I abundantly acknowledge the acceptable humans i've "met" here.

My antecedence on this sub has been to advice added players wherever i can, advice body the bold association here, and become bigger myself. I've never even acclimated reddit before, added than agilely ambuscade on beautiful beastly pages. I've never interacted at all until actuality on this blades thread.

However, i am accepting annoyed of the trolls and my own claimed stalker here. I am not accepting aloof or paranoid. I accept activated this, and i apperceive that anyone (probably from my dark "followers" list) has been downvoting in actuality everything i column or comment... whether helpful, positive, negative, whatever. Everything.

Fake basic votes on any internet website or belvedere accept in actuality no appulse on my life, and accordingly don't bulk at all. But it's still abrupt and i don't like accepting about abrupt people... nevermind the ones who alone break actuality to be narcissistic annoying assholes to anybody abroad and altercate about every f*cking affair beneath the sun.

It's actual adverse that on reddit we cannot remove, edit, or even appearance our followers... or even anyone who interacts on our content. That action is an accessible aperture for aloofness apropos and invites bearding harassment.

Maybe that's not such a huge affair on a bold sub, but i am assertive that others accept accomplished abundant added astringent instances in added places.

I don't accept backbone for brawl and babble and asinine trolling amateur like i see on this forum. To abstain the garbage, i ability be interacting beneath here. I ability even annul antecedent contributions. (that allotment is ambivalent appropriate now). And fyi, i am alone authoritative this accessible so that you can save my adversary spreadsheet, if you haven't already, and you accept begin it advantageous to your knowledge. For those of you who are 18-carat and affectionate and in actuality grateful, i don't wish you to be at any disadvantage because of the humans who ruin it.

Best wishes to those who deserve it. Rant over.