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​Astellia Online - Crafting and Gathering

Dec-04-2019 PST

Over all its got some acceptable credibility but afresh there are the bad ones that currently outwiegh the good.

One such bad point is it gives you no experience. Acquaintance is acute for leveling guilds in game. In about every added big bold you accretion acquaintance if acquisition or crafting. So why not in this one.

The bigger point is you allegation acquaintance to accretion contribution. So the humans who accept to ability will be accepting beneath Accession points. I feel this was just overlooked.

The next affair to altercate is the over all time it takes to ability gear. It wont be so bad if a brotherhood works calm to do this but lets be honest. Are humans traveling to wish to accord there mats so that anyone abroad can get the accessory afore them, no. The majority will not.

How to fix this afterwards accomplishing a big check is appealing simple. One of two important things I can anticipate of.

First way is to access the bulk of acquisition items on a map. It is alone the low akin maps and tiers of items that accept a acceptable abode to gather. I spammed this during cbt1 in actuality the top akin acquisition spots are so advance out that on some levels it is faster to accumulate the lower akin items for LESS EXPERIENCE afresh the accepted akin you are on. If you did this there would allegation to be at atomic one ample array of anniversary blazon of gatherable object.

Second way is to lower the bulk of gatherable items bare to craft. It takes 120 logs for one top akin ability in the Carpentry section. 120!!! That is not a baby number. The spawns are speradic. So this can yield a few hours to get BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE. You allegation accession two types of matierals to go with the logs. Three types per accessory or weapon section you ability two of them aggregate BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE. That is alone for one ability attack for accessory or weapon. The community is Estimating to be 10 or 20 to accomplish one fable BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE. You allegation Multiple Legends to accomplish Bank Two items. The arduous bulk of time this takes just to accomplish one bank 2 fable is months and that is if you are active no lifeing everyday. It is currently so abundant faster to acreage accessory in dungeons this has actual little use.

One added important thing. The Cilia or Covering that drops in dungeons is a acceptable idea. How anytime you allegation 72 for one ability if it takes 10 or 20 attemps that is 770 leather. So lets sit aback and bethink that banknote breeze from quests in this game is absolutely ample and if humans accept ample amounts they wont advertise abstracts for baby ones. They will debris them or bandy them up for top amounts.

After Earning a Million from questing and accepting acceptable the aboriginal we will see is 1k-2 anniversary for these mats. At 1/10 that is 770,000 or 1,440,000. At 2k anniversary that is 1,440,000 or 2,880,000. 2.8MILLION JUST FOR ONE TYPE OF MAT. That does not cover the added millions annual of mats you allegation in accession to that.

This bulk needs to be nerfed down or the bead bulk needs to go up. One acceptable way would be to accomplish anniversary affair that drops cilia or covering is to accept a adventitious to bead two instead of one. This will accomplish agriculture them easier. Which is absolutely what we allegation actuality with the banknote breeze accepting so large. and hopefully accompany the bulk down.

It has a acceptable abject for affair crafting about the arduous bulk of time needs to be anchored or this will be unviable for crafting gear.