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​Astellia Online - Airy walls and added pet peeves

news Dec-02-2019

​Astellia Online - Airy walls and added pet peeves

Please fix or yield out the airy walls that assume about placed and accomplish no faculty whatsoever throughout the maps.

Yes, I can see an airy bank on the EDGES of the maps but absolutely not one preventing you from jumping off a bluff to an contrarily "in bound" area below. This happens a lot and it's absolutely bad abnormally for an mmorpg.

Targeting is absolutely bad, it's absolutely harder to acquaint what the heck you acquire targeted and yes I approved both tab ambition options - I anticipate they were aboveboard and something else. Please accomplish targets added clear.

Keybinds - Several Keys were not able to be apprenticed for some odd reason. I apperceive 1 was the "Delete" key. Aswell annal up and down on abrasion ; Please accomplish those bindable to added keys besides the absence zoom in and out and accord us the advantage to change zoom in and zoom out to added keys. Some amateur do this, some do not, I don't see the botheration in acceptance all keys to be bindable because humans play altered ways...

Character/skill stats charge to be arresting like in %'s. Clearly advertence how abundant your stats are increased.

Costumes for players were terrible. Accomplishment you guys were just testing the boutique or something and that bigger things will be there on barrage corrective astute for the players. That'll be a huge allotment of assets for you guys I'm sure.

Combat Log - Please add in action log so we can see what happens to our characters and others.