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​The Top Quarterbacks to Trade for in Madden 24 Franchise Mode

Nov-21-2023 PST
Categories:Madden 24

If you're embarking on a new franchise journey or seeking to build your dream team in Madden 24 after a few seasons, finding a talented quarterback is crucial. In this guide, we'll explore the best quarterbacks to trade for in Madden 24 franchise mode, helping you make informed decisions that can propel your team to success.

Justin Herbert:

Undoubtedly the best player on this list, Justin Herbert possesses immense talent and can instantly transform your Madden 24 franchise into a contender. With a rating between Superstar and Superstar X-Factor, Herbert offers a unique opportunity to acquire a top-tier quarterback without sacrificing your entire future. Moreover, his X-Factor abilities can be developed relatively quickly. However, it's important to note that securing Herbert's services may come at a high cost, as his contract demands could exceed $50 million per year.

Bryce Young:

For those looking to jumpstart their franchise with a rookie quarterback, Bryce Young is an excellent choice. Despite his lack of experience, Young possesses the skills of a capable pocket passer and excels at improvisation. As a well-rounded quarterback, he steadily develops star traits, making him a valuable asset for the future. Acquiring Young from the Carolina Panthers, who made him the #1 pick, may require a substantial investment involving both draft picks and players.

Anthony Richardson:

Although Anthony Richardson starts with a modest overall rating of 70 in Madden 24, do not be deceived by his initial numbers. Richardson presents the potential to become a great franchise quarterback, boasting exceptional running abilities alongside competent passing skills. If you prefer a run-heavy QB from the start, Richardson is an ideal choice. However, it's important to recognize that his overall rating will take time to develop, requiring multiple seasons of investment before he reaches elite status.

Justin Fields:

Trading for a quarterback in his third year and early in his development might seem unusual, but Justin Fields offers a compelling opportunity. With a Star Dev rating, Fields may not be highly regarded by the Chicago Bears due to his sub-80 overall rating after several years. Nonetheless, Fields possesses the necessary attributes to become a worthwhile investment if developed rapidly. Keep in mind that Fields leans towards a run-first style of play, so if that doesn't align with your preferences, the following options may suit you better.

C.J. Stroud:

The standout rookie of the NFL season and a potential MVP candidate, C.J. Stroud is a no-brainer choice for franchise rebuilding in Madden 24. Upon acquiring Stroud, you gain a formidable passer with elite pocket presence, capable of making difficult throws under pressure. Additionally, Stroud possesses hidden traits that enhance his ability to excel in the pocket. While his rushing ability is somewhat limited, if you prioritize a pass-first offense, Stroud is the ideal quarterback to lead your team.

Brock Purdy:

If you find yourself in a situation where you don't require an elite quarterback to carry your offense, Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers is a cost-effective option. Purdy is a suitable choice when managing a franchise with superstar offensive talent but lacking a quarterback to maximize its potential. While he may not be flawless, investing effort into improving his development traits can yield positive results. Acquiring a budget-friendly option like Purdy increases your chances of remaining competitive while retaining expensive players.

Making the right decisions regarding your quarterback is crucial when managing a team in Madden 24 franchise mode. By considering the aforementioned quarterbacks – Justin Herbert, Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson, Justin Fields, C.J. Stroud, and Brock Purdy – you can align your team with success. Remember, managing a franchise is challenging, but with the right quarterback at the helm, you can significantly enhance your chances of achieving greatness.

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