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W0W Classic - Min Maxing and Classic

news Jul-10-2019

W0W Classic - Min Maxing and Classic
I was advantageous abundant to get into the beta, played two warriors to 25. I've apprehend bags of guides and watched affluence of youtube videos assuming the optimal way to lvl, way to play, way to tank, banausic the account goes on.

The best adviser for leveling and the way to play is what you acquisition enjoyable. To be cliché, chase your heart. For instance, I plan to play a macho dwarf warrior.


They accept big muscles, a scottish accent, and adulation beer. They attending cool, I like the animations, abnormally the cast and lath animations (I plan on tanking). I can actually see myself arena this warrior for as continued as these Classic servers last.

Second and added importantly, every adviser you apprehend about warrior leveling says to never bifold wield, and spirit>strength (in a lot of cases).

However, I got the Van Cleef cast at 20, and took the mail backbone legs over the spirit agents from the deadmines adventure alternation in westfall. I was actually accident things, churning through mobs like butter. It was FUN AS HELL, the extra absence amends from dualwield wasn't horrible. The added blow incurred from not application spirit was absolute a fun "mini-game" to play around, like annihilate 1 mob -> cast -> annihilate 2 mobs -> eat, repeat. It was a circling that afflicted based on mob type, level, whether I could charge, or if i had to ranged pull. It was like addition out an blueprint (probably a suboptimal one), but it was arduous and enjoyable.

Sure, these are two shitty anecdotes from some pleb who doesn't apperceive nothing. About I anticipate that min/maxing accordingly leads to the accepted accompaniment of W0W. Added specifically, W0W from about the end of Wotlk has been affective against a bold focused about min/max. Analytic for groups is not optimal time spent, W0W classic gold in comes alcove finder. My dps chic is not accomplishing optimal dps, get rid of threat, adapt damage. That person's accessory is not optimal, acquaint gearscore/ilvl/raiderio. The account goes on.

If you are still account this I don't wish you to anticipate that I am bouncing my feel at any min/max or optimization. I alone actually like accepted retail W0W, for what it is, about that I am adored for enhancement in every aspect of the game. About Classic W0W was not advised with this in mind, it is a ROLE PLAYING GAME, you will absence out of some alarming bits if you are deadset on min/maxing everything.

This column however, is just a PSA, accessible your affection and analyze the apple of warcraft, play in the way that is a lot of fun for you.

Lastly, humans already got all the apple firsts 15 years ago, and they apparently did it sub-optimally.

TLDR: Im a crazy old man, who wants annihilation added than for anybody to Immerse themselves in the role arena bold accepted as W0W:Classic.

P.S. Blizz, amuse fix layering or whatever the fuck you wish to alarm it.

Edit: I wish to aswell animate aggravating altered things, they can accept huge payoffs. For instance, the dual-wield FURY-PROT capital catchbasin blueprint on clandestine servers. This was anticipation to be a meme or suboptimal or brainless against to cast and board abysmal prot tanking. In the added contempo clandestine servers this is now the OPTIMAL blueprint for some encounters and hardcore acceleration running.

Furthermore, Classic will be and has already accurate to be altered than clandestine servers. In some sense, it is a bold that has not be played at all for 13 years. So who knows maybe somebody is yet to acquisition the next Fury-Prot spec.

Just accept fun!