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WOW Classic Gold

Gold in World of Warcraft Classic is an integral part of the game. In this article, we will discuss the importance/role of gold in vanilla WOW and how you can obtain it easily. Gold was vastly more important in classic; it gradually became less relevant/powerful as time went on in the current version of the game. It is very tedious (but not difficult) to gain gold in vanilla, which is why many people choose to purchase gold.

What is WOW Classic Gold used for?

As you level, you will buy new ranks of spells. If you splurge out on an item upgrade, you will not have enough gold readily available to upgrade to the latest ranks of spells: placing you behind. Moreover, you can buy gear upgrades from the Auction House (AH) or vendors. Furthermore, you may have large investments that need to be paid for professors. You will need to purchase reagents and items such as leather, bolts of cloth, alchemy supplies – unless you have a charitable friend or another high-level alt.

One of the largest expenditures of gold is buying your mounts. That’s plural: mounts. You will need to purchase a mount at level 40 and level 60. A mount can cost millions.

How do I get gold in WOW Classic?

The best way to gain gold is to analyse the Auction House and look at items that are in demand but are not being sold frequently, hence driving up their price (which is basic economics). This strategy will minimise your grinding.

To gain gold in World of Warcraft, you will primarily be grinding professions which are fantastic for receiving rewards. Mining is an example of a great profession at an early-game level. While Herbalism is actually the best gathering profession, the issue is it uses consumables which can make the profession rather costly, with the investment required.

If you are aiming to fast-track to level 60, one of the best professions is skinning. This way, whatever you kill, you can not only loot but skin and sell their loot (including skin) to vendors. The profession can provide a lot of PvM fun and goes naturally with the levelling process.

Professions Overview

Whilst we have learnt that professions are paramount to earning gold at an accelerated rate in World of Warcraft, we have not fully explained them. Let’s further analyse how professions work.

You can only have two primary professions, and you can learn all secondary professions. Whilst you can swap professions, all ranks you previously gained are lost. You’d start the profession all over again – at rank 1, which can be incredibly painful if you’re rank 300.

Here’s a list of primary professions:

    ● Alchemy

    ● Blacksmithing

    ● Engineering (considered to be the most fun profession, good for PvE classes)

    ● Enchanting

    ● Goblin and Gnomish Engineering

    ● Herbalism

    ● Leatherworking

    ● Mining

    ● Skinning

    ● Tailoring

Here’s a list of secondary professions:

    ● Cooking

    ● First Aid

    ● Fishing

Vanilla WOW gold methods

There are more passive methods to gain wow classic gold, but these are slower. For example, many people choose to fish in places like Tanaris, or kill Harpies in Feralas and loot items such as mageweaves. These are rather AFK-able, but again, not as rewarding. Some people choose to favour fun over anything, and like in any MMO (massively multiplayer online game), the best way to have fun is playing games with friends or your guild. Dungeon runs with your friends provide social interaction and are definitely helpful over the long-term for your gold stack!

If you choose to play Rogue, you can pickpocket every pocket you come across and slowly build gold. Whilst PvE can be an excellent and fun moneymaker, you will have to check the AH for the latest prices to see what’s worth farming, especially if you use any consumables which can cause you to lose money rather than gain money.

Some players choose to take a slightly alternative approach to their gold farming. This approach can take an extensive amount of time and dedication. Many people choose to train a ton of alts, solely for the purpose of making money and multi-tasking. In World of Warcraft Classic, professions are usually paired together. For example, if you’re training alchemy, you will need herbs to create consumables (e.g. flasks) that are used for raiding. An intelligent and observant player could seize this knowledge by creating one alchemy alt and one herbalism alt, swapping items as needed between each other. This fully mitigates the fees by the Auction House, which means your profit is maximised. Another complimentary combination you can use is skinning and tailoring, or cooking and fishing.


We hope this article has been informative and helps you on your journey of gaining Gold in WOW Classic. Our final advice would be to ensure you balance fun and grinding, it is best to grind for slightly longer if the entire process is much more fun!