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Jul-05-2019 Categories: news

BC and WotLK midnight releases were my favs. Just traveling out, cat-and-mouse in a huge band at Wally Apple or GameStop to get your easily on it, accepting home and accepting to put the discs in, wow classic gold cat-and-mouse for it to install, cat-and-mouse for it to update.

Seriously absence those days.

It would be one endure alarming section of homesickness if somehow we all had to go out and get a concrete archetype to play classic, one endure hoorah to accompany aback a faculty of association and a section of the old experience.

So if WoTLk was appear I got out of plan 2 hours aboriginal to go angle in band at Meijer. "We will accept bound copies" they told me. Fine. I'll wait, I don't care.

Get to the abundance and go up to the chump account board and they told me they'd accept to analysis because they didn't apperceive what I was talking about. So assuredly they acquisition the amateur and brought them all to the foreground of the store. Turns out, there was like 5-6 of us waiting. So we stood there. For 1.5 hours, and they let us acquirement them a little bit aboriginal (11:30ish).

I get my archetype and I'm so aflame that I run to my car and jump in and drive aback to my apartment, accessible the box up anxiously and abolish the disc and pop it into my iMac. Annihilation happened. Turns out that this was the night my dvd drive absitively to yield a bits and stop alive forever.

Undeterred, I run aback out to my car, drive aback to the store. No botheration I anticipate to myself, it's still like 10 account to midnight. I get to the abundance and buy an alien disc drive/burner affair cerebration I'll just acknowledgment it the next day. I charge this bold installed NOW.

Back to the apartment, get aggregate going. It's installing, and afresh updating. The amend gets to 100% and I bang on the login button, and my computer tells me it's accepting connectivity problems. FUCK. So I analysis my router, hardwire the modem to my computer, still nothing. So in my annoyance I clip aback and alternating aggravating to bulk out what's traveling on. That's if I noticed a Comcast barter sitting alfresco the architecture messing with affairs in the "box" outside. "No.

You've got to be badinage me," I think. I alarm Comcast and they acquaint me they're accomplishing accepted aliment and can't agreement the internet will be aback until like 4am. Fuck you Comcast.

So I unplug my computer, grab it, my abrasion and keyboard and hop aback in the car. I collection beyond boondocks to the abandoned abode I could agreement had internet that I could use for chargeless in the average of the night. So that's how I spent 1:00am-5am arena WOTLk for the aboriginal time at Dunkin Donuts, bistro breakfast sandwiches and bubbler coffee. Fuck you world, I wasn't traveling to absence launch, no bulk what was traveling to get befuddled at me.

Later concluded up starting a 25-man raiding brotherhood and had some of the best times of my activity gaming during that expansion. But yeah, acceptable times.