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​W0W Classic - Can anyone explain PvP to me

news Apr-19-2019

​W0W Classic - Can anyone explain PvP to me

Hello all! I accept some questions about PvP in classic! If I try and seek for guides, all I can acquisition are posts acknowledgment matchups and how to be acceptable at pvp, and annihilation that W0W classic gold in fact answers my questions, which are abundant added general, because I in fact accept no abstraction how it works. So I am advancing achievement acquisitive anyone can acknowledgment a agglomeration of questions I have! I accept apprehend the dejected column that explains the appearance rollout, so that allotment makes faculty affectionate of, but achievement goes:

PVP - What the fuck is it? What are the accessible types of academic and breezy PvP?

Informal - Ganking, dueling, basic city-limits raids, etc. Are there any others? Are there formal/informal rules for how to do these things? Are ample skirmishes just affectionate of clusterfucks or are they sometimes planned / set up in a assertive way like raids are (x abounding healers/ranged/melee)?

Formal - Battlegrounds. From the dejected column I assumption there are eventually 3 BG's? How abounding humans do they support? I'm bold they are instanced, how do you accompany a assertive BG vs a altered one? Do you accept to be allotment of the absolute admeasurement group as they go in? How do you get akin adjoin the added faction? What are the rules: If anyone leaves, can you alter them or are you shorthanded? How do you win/lose the BG or how does it end? Are there added types of academic PvP in vanilla/classic? I apperceive retail has 1v1's, 2v2's, and 3v3's that you can do, are there appropriate agency to do this in classic, or do you just affectionate of accept to do them in the accessible apple and achievement no one abroad interferes?

What is account and how do you get it? What does accepting added account do for you? Can added humans see your account and use that to adjudicator how acceptable you are? Is it acclimated in some way like a currency? Does it adulteration if you don't acquire any for a time or is it static? Is it just acclimated to actuate ranks?

Which leads into the next question: Ranks! From my compassionate there are 14 ranks (or are there 15 - is there a rank 0?). I see them referred to by both bulk and sometimes name, do all the ranks accept associated titles? Can added people see your rank/title or do they accept to ask and achievement you acquaint the truth? What is the advantage of accepting to assorted ranks besides boasting? How are ranks earned? Is it a changeless this abundant account = this rank, or is it like the top 1% of the server is rank 14, afresh the next 3% is 13, etc. recalculated every so often? If you acquire a assertive rank and afresh don't PvP for a while will your rank change?

People allocution a lot about PvP gear. How does it work? I accept there are appropriate vendors for the PvP gear, but I'm bold they don't just yield gold like added vendors. What blazon of bill do they yield and how do you get it? What is the aberration in PvP gear? Does it accept appropriate stats (resilience) or just altered amounts of the aforementioned stats, or is it 95% the aforementioned just altered items than what drops in dungeons/raids? I see humans advertence PvP items as pre-raid BiS, how harder are those items to earn? Is it annual aggravating to get any access akin (easier to obtain) PvP accessory to advice with aboriginal PvE accepting for anyone who is in fact bad at PvP or added a decay of time to try? Is PvE accessory any acceptable for accomplishing PvP?

On average, how abundant PvP of assorted types does it yield to in fact do any of this? Do you accept to accept accomplishing approved PvP to advance ranks and accepting (as able-bodied as acceptability on the server) or can you just do a big access over a few canicule to a week, get a abstinent rank or appropriate bulk of account and be ok?

Let's say I wish to accompany a accidental raiding brotherhood and mostly do dungeons and raids, PvE, at endgame. How harder would it be to sometimes do some PvP? Do humans accomplish pug groups to do PvP or is it mostly premades? Are there about top requirements to accompany these pug groups if they abide or are humans appealing ok with bringing in noobs?

What is the aberration in accessible PvP options on the assorted servers? If I were to be a abrade who played on a PvE server, what PvP can you still do? I apperceive you can opt in on PvE servers and action others who are aswell autonomous in I think?

Or is it just abstract PvP on those servers?

Thank you for demography the time to apprehend all of this and either advice me out by answering most/all of these questions or bond me to about abroad breadth they accept already been answered that I was clumsy to find! You guys are abundant and I am so absolutely HYPE for Classic!