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I allegation added amplitude on the ground, too. Three rows is no best

enough.What I do for amphitheatre is:

  First row:

  1-3 are weapon/melee

  4 is aggressive posture

  5 is rez

  6-8 are amphitheatre actives like Mental Discipline and amphitheatre set

abilities like the MACO one

  9 & 10 are specialization abilities like Revitalize

  Second row:

  1-5 are my captain abilities

  6 is for a tribble I will use and afresh bandy out afore combat

  7-10 are my combat/always-useful devices

  Third row:

  1-5 are my 5 kit bore abilities

  6-10 are my acceptability actives eg. Medical Nanite Cloud

  Fourth row is my 'special' row, acclimated during summer/winter or if

summoning a pet alfresco of combat:

  1-4 are winter ornaments, or my summer snowboard and jetpack

  the blow for pets

  Of advance I don't accumulate a ton of pets, but you can put them on the

added confined afterwards that. This way, Rows 1-3 accept all I allegation for

action and the blueprint will be the aforementioned beyond all my characters,

and row 4 will bandy for row 3 during winter or in amusing zones.

  Edit: forgot summer

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