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To receive this item,you need to
own Legendary +10 or Normal +25 item !

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STO PS4 item

Delivery Policy

To protect our company and our customers for security reason, we'll confirm your your payment details through Verbal verification, which maybe include phone call verification. Your transaction will be arranged into delivery queue and send goods to you as soon as possible once your order is confirmed.

Delivery Introduction

After your payment goes through, we'll tell you which instance to trade the STO PS4 items Face to Face OR just send the the items to you through Game Mail.

Delivery Notes

1.Please fill in your correct full character name @ PSN ID while placing an order.

2.Please choose your Faction and Trade Place correspondingly as well.

How to find correct trade place in STO PS4

3.Any question, please feel free to contact our Livechat Online.