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​W0W Classic - What do you anticipate is an ideal server population

news Jul-08-2019

​W0W Classic - What do you anticipate is an ideal server population

There's a lot of fuss about layering, but what the altercation ultimately boils down to is what humans accede an ideal citizenry for a W0W server.

I've aggregate that W0W official will be capping servers about 3000 players.

To me personally, layering is a case of "throwing the babyish out with the bathwater" - W0W official is about able to adapt the absolute experience, just to abstain college populations than that. It fabricated faculty in 2005, if people's PC's couldn't handle abounding players on screen. But these canicule if accouterments allows for it - I anticipate it's complete lunacy. A few canicule of carelessness shouldn't ascertain the absolute game, and accepting humans bastardize in and out of existence, is in fact killing my advertising for this game.

If W0W official would extend the analogue of a "healthy population" above 3000 players, it'd aswell boldness the affair with "tourists" potentially bottomward off: let's say they'd cap the citizenry about 7000 instead - that'd beggarly a server could lose bisected their players and still be in fact anatomic and agreeable (by today's standard).

But I'm a Nostalrius affectionate of guy. I in fact admired that server. It was jam arranged with humans 24/7, and that's aswell the appeal. I don't apperceive how abounding actuality in fact played in Vanilla, but aback afresh the abstraction of seeing humans in Darnassus or Thunder Bluff was a novelty, abounding zones were in fact empty, and award lower alcove groups was difficult even on awful busy realms. That was black and a above affair captivation Vanilla aback IMO.

Nostalrius afflicted all that, by artlessly abacus added players. Every breadth was active and chaotic, any time of the day - just the way I'd brainstorm an MMORPG apple should be like.

Granted, I can see why 10-15k players ability be a little boundless to some too.

Having a greater faculty of if humans accede a server over-populated, I anticipate would go a continued way in answer why layering is such a hot affair and antecedent of disagreement.

So I anticipation it'd be absorbing to apprehend what added players feel is an ideal population? Is 3000 players a acceptable absolute for you? Too high, or low? And do you anticipate it's added important to accept breath allowance and be able to do your thing, even if it agency accepting abandoned towns and bargain action -- or are you added like myself?