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Apr-13-2018 Categories: news

Okay so animate has been out for a anniversary or two now. It is accepted ability that battlegrounds PvP seek is broken, we've approved queing for hours but you'll never acquisition a game.

So we resorted to just dueling in highwatch/Velika outskirts. Aback animate is new, and me accepting a actually beginning amateur it's meant some PC players that absitively to play animate accept had the knowledge.

I didn't realise till afresh how abundant rerolling accessory stats helps.

Priest: as expected, appealing abundant absurd to annihilate a acceptable priest or a competent priest in 1v1s.

Warrior: on animate id accept to say warriors are the a lot of OP chic In 1v1s, I've alone apparent a few warriors are adequately aberrant which is strange, but they actually run the show.

Reaper: reapers are EVERYWHERE, I abhorrence this boilerplate class, que for a dungeon? 3 reapers.... literally... every... time. Maybe it's just the name "reaper" or the actuality you alpha with a akin addition that so abounding humans absitively to accomplish one. I don't like elins so I didn't accomplish one, but they accept a bogie appropriate PvP class, bandy some abilities and birr away.

Lancer: I myself am a lancer, afresh rerolled some stats on my accessory for pvp, I see actual few lancers, and aback we don't accept 3v3 we can't see their abounding kit potential. But dam, army accept been slept on, big time. I anticipate they can potentially yield on any chic in the game, even warriors. Awesome kit for killing squishies with alternation grabs and combos, eats reapers alive.

Slayer: idk what humans are talking about adage slayers are low dps, maybe in dungeons, but on animate there are from what I've apparent about 3-5 able-bodied geared slayers who accept came from PC. They are INSANE for PVP from what I've seen.

They accept about a perma altercation / amaze admixture if no retaliate, with rolls, lunges, dashes, fuck knows but they are accomplishing able-bodied in duels atm.

Sorcerer: I don't anticipate abounding sorcerers accept baffled the art of kiting / abstention enough, every sorc I've apparent just seems to get stunlocked by affray classes and accordingly dies.

Archer: aforementioned adventure as sorc's from what I've seen.

Berserker: eh they accept ok. I feel like slayers are abundant bigger though.

Brawler: good, no added no less. Apparent a baddest few, duels accept been 50/50. A worse adaptation of a lancer.

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