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Jul-09-2018 Categories: news

Level 3: Riding skill: Blaze (30 days) Fortified basal abutting abrasion (24 crit factor) (30 days) (Bankable) Dragonette auto boodle (30 days) (Bankable).

Level 12: Complete adept crystalbind x10 Hairband Hairstyle box.

Level 20: Fashion advertisement (x400) Chromatic bowl footsteps (7 days).

Level 30: able courage aromatic (5) Riding skill: Noble cutter (7 days).

Level 35: Kingsguard weapon derma (7 days) able courage aromatic (10) Valkyon bloom aromatic (10).

Level 40: Aristocratic cachet (1 day) Fashion advertisement (400) strongbox key (3) acquaintance credibility (level 40).

Level 45: Aristocratic cachet (1 day) Expeience credibility (level 45) Valkyon bloom aromatic (10) Flying accomplishment Sirocco (7 days).

Level 50 Aristocratic Cachet Voucher (1-day) Acquaintance Credibility (Level 50) Strongbox Key Shish Kebab (7-day).

Level 55 Feast Flying Skill: Tempest (7-day) Dragon Firework Powderkeg 500g.

Level 60 Able Courage Aromatic Apothecary Dye Strongbox Key Fashion Advertisement Valkyon Bloom Aromatic Feast 750g.

Level 65 Twistshard Lance Smart Dyad Niveot Structure Silver Talent Golden Talent Twistshard Lancer Hauberk Twistshard Gauntlets Twistshard Greaves Twistshard Belt Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate Alpha Instance Displace Annal Beta Instance Reset Annal Emerald 1000g.

Meanwhile, by the time we get to 65 our rewards will include:

- Diamond (for crafting or selling)

- Goddess' Absolution ×5

- Hardy Niveot ×4, Relentless Niveot ×4, and Carving Niveot ×4 (crystals)

- Instance Displace Annal ×5

- Gunner Will Suit (Silver for top elves; Obsidian for castanics)

- Arcannon weapon derma box (with an Exalted Arcannon weapon derma for top elves, and Celeboom for castanics)

I'm air-conditioned with accepting the skins & tera gold, but the added accepting so far has been appealing bombastic if you accept assorted characters and/or aristocratic status.