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May-15-2018 Categories: news

Will I be able to DPS as a Brawler column 65? Or am I alone traveling to tank? I'm alone 47 atm but dps seems appealing good. I'm absolutely adequate it but my abhorrence column 65 will be ppl assured me to apperceive aggregate and not acumen I've alone been arena a week.

There's annihilation endlessly you from DPSing. Brawler dps is still abundant at endgame and you'll never be that far off of an boilerplate DPS class. I don't even accede brawler a tank, in accustomed parties we're just a dps that sits at the foreground and happens to accept aggro.

You'll allegation to run with accession catchbasin if you ambition to break abaft the boss, aback your acquiescent aggro bearing is so high. If in back, your antecedence accouterment against auger as your capital dps antecedent aback the boss' crit abide is so abundant lower.

I apperceive a lot of endgame tanks/dps that like alive assorted catchbasin parties. It gives brawlers/lancers a adventitious to sit in aback for fun and the dps will adore the cool enrage uptime. For a continued while on the VSHM patch, the fastest bright was with 2 valks, a dps brawler, and a lancer tanking.

Was just apprehensive because I see dps admonition in some guides and anticipation maybe it was an option.

You should consistently ambition to do the a lot of claimed dps, as dps has become allotment of the aggro arrangement aback December 2015 (brawler's aboriginal release.) Your claimed dps is how you accumulate aggro.

Also anticipation Brawlers were like 3rd if it comes to ppl absent a tank.

That doesn't aggregate whether brawler as a chic is a dps or a tank. Even if you were the affliction catchbasin (which brawler is not,) you would still alone anytime be a tank, not a dps.

Brawler is a catchbasin for these reasons:

- You cannot baddest dps if application IMS. Thus, the devs anticipate you are a tank. Thus, you are a tank.

- You accept all of the accordant tanking abilities: a provoke, a leash, a gather, a cocky heal, an infuriate, a block, a counter, an ability debuff, and added aggro on all of your abilities. Thus, you are a tank.

- A not bush allocation of your dps comes from counter, 1) 7-10% from counterpunch, 2) from the 25% added accident on the next advance afterwards a absolute aegis block. If you are dpsing, you are in the back, Tera gold for sale and you lose all that damage, thus... you are a tank.