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Feb-13-2018 Categories: news

Some humans anticipate the skull arrangement is a little harsh. To lose 100% of your items and RS gold.

It can advance to humans quiting the bold altogether for authoritative a cool mistake, accepting absorbed or accepting a ambition of bug exploit.


Normal Death: Bead aggregate but 3 items

Skull Death: Bead aggregate but 3 items, but the 3 items accept to be reclaimed from Mr. Ex

Essentially we accept Mr. Ex be the Afterlife of Edgeville.

Skulled Afterlife PoV:

When you die while skulled, you arise in Edgeville naked and you go to Mr. Ex to accost your 3 items. You can adjudge if you wish to accost the account or not, if you adjudge to accost the item, the gold paid will be afresh accessible to be collected by the Pker and if you wish to bulk the items, the three items will be able to be calm by the pker. The accost bulk will be the aforementioned ante as Afterlife offers in a PvM scenario. You accept a day to adjudge whether you wish to reclaim or not.

Pker PoV:

When you annihilate someone, they will bead aggregate but 3 items in their bag. Afterwards the next day, you can go to the Afterlife List in the Edgeville and analysis if the asleep getting reclaimed their items or not. If they reclaimed their items, you will be able to aggregate that money from the Afterlife List Chest and if they absent the items, those 3 items will arise in the afterlife chest for you to collect.

For the PKer you can go on WBs killing bacchanalia or a Killing Bacchanalia during Wars. The next day you can analysis how abundant boodle you fabricated from all those candied kills. Afresh screenshot it all for animosity to see. "Check out my boodle from 5 canicule of killing people". This makes it easier for you to annihilate afterwards accepting to anguish about if you get the drops or not, because you will consistently get something.

For the Pk'ed, you will not lose everything, you will be accustomed the adventitious to rebuild. You get to accumulate your aggrandized armor unless something awe-inspiring is traveling on and your aggrandized weapon is account beneath than your bargain dragonhides. Which afresh you are fucked. Cuz that was dropped. Now you accept to go try to get that crackling advancement advantage again.

For the PvMer, dont go into the wildy with your apache helm. You will still lose it. Cause it's official bulk is abandoned 650 GP.