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​RuneScape - Props to Jagex putting their bottom down

news Sep-11-2019

​RuneScape - Props to Jagex putting their bottom down

Props to jagex putting their bottom down and not accouterment to humans ashore in 99/araxxor scape. Cant delay to accept a reason/benefit of getting/having 120 in a skill.

They said they abstruse and I accept them. Apache now with the dino island amend is a lot added assorted and aflame as it accustomed for those gaps to be abounding added while alms new agreeable for 90+ apache and not just 100 and above.

Been arena on my adamant and it's in actuality actually agitative now accepting my apache up, alive I can get harder monsters and get bigger drops for added big W0W moments. I wouldn't be able to do apache accomplishing aphotic beasts/abby demons because it's arid af and no agitative drops at all.

With the new apache creatures, RS gold so abounding agitative moments now. My accepted a lot of agitative moment was if I got a t85 wyvren crossbow on my adamant and went from t80 to t85. Actually agitative moment for me and a huge advancement as I can use bak bolts now.

Yes, they are old and not 100+ slayer, but now my next ambition is cinderbanes/ritual atom as able-bodied as the added t85s, which is agitative and something to attending advanced to. Aswell those bang boots forth with the assets are nice. Acceptable gp/h tasks even for mains.

I'm adequately assertive jagex will in actuality add a lot added things at aboriginal so that it feels added fleshed out as they said they accept abstruse from it. I aswell acknowledge them adage they are traveling to accomplish all the new areas/monsters the top level agreeable and the remasters low-mid akin content.

It's just been too annoying with Jagex accepting too scard to accomplish all the humans who do araxxor for a active and annihilation abroad "devalue" their drops if araxxor will consistently be admired due to the bitter 3 perk.

If beneath humans are accomplishing the bang-up and added content, it agency the nox weapons will breach actually top admitting there say accepting a t92 halbred, which I am aswell aflame to get now.

It's just done way added abuse than good. Seren godbow acclimated to be seren bits bow because of the blueprint forth with the ambit accepting the aforementioned as ascensions.

Why the hell was that? Oh humans all said "oh this doesn't cheapen nox acceptable now I don't feel absorbed to get it and can stick with my 2014 weapons" I just don't get it. Humans charge to advance themselves honestly.

And if you don't wish to advance yourself, that's fine! Jagex even said the new ability we are traveling to get is alone bald for the accomplished tiers of content. So you guys who don't wish to advance yourselves to do annihilation abroad but araxxor can keep at it because it isn't bald to do the agreeable just as you consistently have.

So yeah acceptable job jagex. I agreed with actually every individual affair you guys talked about that you wish to make. Don't let me down.