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Mar-07-2018 Categories: news

Just seems a bit awe-inspiring to me that the Authenticator can be disabled instantly on your RS gold account.

Wouldn't it accomplish added faculty for there to be a few canicule adjournment afterwards allotment to abolish it afore the Authenticator gets removed from your account?

That way if anyone were to try drudge you at atomic there would be a few canicule aeon in which you would apperceive about it.

Also, the runescape website has no alert for the Authenticator or any added anatomy of security, it artlessly requires your login data only. Perhaps abacus the Authenticator actuality too could be considered?

I would aswell abutment bigger aegis for accounts, my email is 100% defended and so is my countersign yet anyone was able to assumption my recoveries and somehow recovered my annual and displace my countersign and they afflicted my email etc....

I had no abstraction at all any of that even happened. I had not played in a brace years and went to login and i couldn't so i recovered my annual and i noticed the accepting had afflicted the email and added an authenticator to my annual and my annual was assuredly banned it had a macroing accessory answerability afresh i assumption they kept botting and it got a macroing above breach "within the aforementioned week!!!" and it was perm banned, but if i recovered my annual aback it seems the ban was aerial so i accept they accomplished it was afraid so they aerial the perm ban if i recovered it?

But my annual now has 2 macroing offenses adjoin it which i never did and candidly i don't even play it anymore cuz of the 2 offenses adjoin it... and aswell whoever estimated my recoveries the aboriginal time what happens if they just do it again?

Even if i add an authenticator if they can balance my annual it just bypasses the authenticator! I'd like to play it afresh but aback jagex has no abutment i can't ask anyone for support.

It can abandoned be removed afterwards a adjournment if you accept admission to your email. Which is still 2fa. Well.. Almost, at least. Your email should accept 2fa on it anyway, and that will not be able to be removed immediately.

If somebody has admission to your email, you accept decidedly bigger problems than accident your runescape account.