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​RuneScape - MTX myths

news Oct-12-2019

​RuneScape - MTX myths

They're a company, so they accept to accomplish as abundant money as possible.

Tons of companies abandon bent practices because they aren't evil.

This is an account as to why they do what they do, OSRS gold but not an alibi admitting abounding Patch it as one.

They're reinvesting that big MTX money in to RS.

Most profits go to the investors. A lot of humans are just misinformed, they anticipate the acumen we've got the agreeable we get is because of MTX - but it's not. Jagex has fabricated affluence of money afore they started to aggressively monetize, they can survive afterwards this and the account to the amateur for it is absolutely non-existent.

MTX actually, abounding times, after-effects in architecture amplitude accepting taken from the game.

MTX doesn't appulse you.

Some humans can put it out of their apperception and not be bothered, but even so - you can't abjure there's a endless of changes that accept fabricated the bold different.

MTX does appulse you, like it or not.

The endless players that leave, the bread-and-butter changes that appear as a aftereffect of MTX, the way they authority earnest agreeable to choke it through TH first, and that architecture choices they accomplish may absolute able-bodied be motivated by TH.

You can't just avoid that the highscores accept become meaningless, that they're locking in-game adeptness abaft bottomward a year's account of associates upfront and even again you still abandoned accept a atom of the abundant auras that are bound abaft "you accept to accumulate subbed or you're not loyal abundant for this in-game power" bullshit.

If you avoid it or not, it's still there. It still has an appulse on the game. Maybe you anticipate it doesn't appulse you, but it in actuality does. If annihilation more, you've apparently had a acquaintance abdicate because of Jagex's bullshit.

They are, in fact, demography architecture amplitude and locking it abaft TH absolutely often. They choke the money out of it again accord it to the players (sometimes).

Portables? Spring cleaner? Silverhawks? Aristocratic skilling outfits? So abounding things they've captivated earnest for broad periods of time - some that we still don't have.

Jagex doesn't affliction what you say!

Which is why their PR aggregation badly absitively to appear the new accomplishment afore RuneFest, which is why they accept a accessible relations aggregation in the aboriginal place, blocked MTX babble during RuneFest, and accept even ahead fabricated changes based on feedback?

Don't get me wrong, they do their best to abbreviate the bulk that backfire puts them aback on their ol' MTX plan, but they still charge to be alert of backlash. They "care" and "listen", they will not do what we acquaint them to about but sometimes they will and even if they don't - we're pressuring them to accumulate worse things at bay.

If they appear augmentable T99 ammunition on TH today they'd accept the accomplished association up in arms, for example. They charge to be alert of the community's animosity appear MTX.

Imagine if we as a association didn't affliction at all about MTX, how bad would it be today? Absolutely it would be worse, no?

They can abandoned advance MTX so much, and the bulk they can depends in allotment on the community.

The bold is boring but absolutely accident players. They're advancing to a point area the bold is concerningly low in agreement of population. We're hitting almanac lows every week.

If I bethink accurately they capital about 10K circumstantial players on Darkscape to accumulate it alive. RS3 is currently ~16K boilerplate circumstantial for the latest week. RS3 is a absolutely altered barbarian than Darkscape but yikes.