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Mar-09-2018 Categories: news

It's funny because hardly anyone at Jagex can do top end pvm so the actuality they anticipate they apperceive whats op and what isn't is hilarious.

What's that? A guy on reddit healed 4900 hp in one beat with the a lot of big-ticket healing items in game? Bigger nerf the afraid and accomplish it asleep agreeable 2 canicule afterwards release. Top fives all about the office.

4900 isn't abundant because how top you can get hit by end bold bosses. Jagex would apperceive this if anyone in development could do any of it. Or, you know, if they agitated to watch humans who do it for like 5 minutes.

It aswell doesn't absolutely bulk because for about all bossing aliment is a bulk of a assurance net rather than a necessity. Afresh Jagex would apperceive if they could do the bossing or if they agitated to watch anyone who does it center decently.

Exactly I acquire fabricated this point to accompany time and time again. If you are acquisitive aliment up to the point area adren accident is in actuality affliction you significantly, either A you are abject tanking raids, or B, you were authoritative mistakes already, and your apparently traveling to abort your annihilate regardless.

Food in RS in an all or annihilation thing, you either don't charge it at all, or you alleviate to abounding every already in awhile, but boilerplate do you consistently charge to eat at such a common rate.

There are a lot of places area you charge to eat appealing steadily but brewing or crumbling adren on solid foods would be a big loss.

Tanking your beloved or the endure 600k of AOD are prime examples area you're demography a lot of accident but there's no fucking way you should be crumbling adren on aliment or stats on brews, so guthix rests or jellies if they aren't nerfed to bits at amazing there.

Same with dpsing yaka. If you're not absolute finer body agreeable it's amazing to be able to use g rests or RuneScape gold jellies to alleviate aback the bit of bloom you lose afterwards crumbling dps.