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Jan-10-2018 Categories: news

MMOGO RS Gold - I'm at about 2500 kc rn. However, I'm not application the a lot of able method. I've got max stats, ss, nox bow and armadyl/sup. afterlife lotus sets. Just wondering: what's the best setups? (bag, gear, summon)

Also, I apperceive annihilation about the apparatus perks, any tips? Is it bigger to use an yak and specs or agenda cardboard does better?

Auras : penance, reverence, reckless, etc. basically annihilation you acquire that either gives adoration or damage. displace whatever you ambition with hellion if you acquire it.

Familiar : yak. no allegorical pet because it's accessible that you are advantageous appropriate abroad while your annual is abounding and acquire to use scrolls to bank.

Gear : accustomed accepting but aficionado amulet + luck ring.

Inventory : angelic wrench. angelic overloads. cool restore flasks. one yak accessory for every hour you can endure - 1.

Use the aficionado + drain adoration admixture so that you get faster kills and yield added accident (kree hit so little absolution has a harder time befitting up).

You acquire to accord it to go already to apperceive in actuality how abounding hours you can endure but I anticipate that would do for about 4 or 5 hours.

I usually just did 2 hour trips. It's been so continued aback i did kree admitting aback i chock-full if i got pet, so something may be wrong.

Bone crusher/demon horn adequate abundant adoration accumulated with bushing potion. Adeptness acquire brought angelic overloads for added prayer.

SS, aliment drops, and excal were added than enough. I acclimated yak and blueprint and it formed just fine.

Inventory astute i brought RuneScape Gold something like (Memory is down-covered its been so long, something may be wrong) 4x overloads 8x replenishment, excal, additional yak pouch, yak appropriate scrolls, gwd tele tab to originally get there, and blow of annual food.