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Jun-12-2019 Categories: news

This is not a troll or empty words. I have been very depressed lately. Working on this and realizing what it could do for the game that we love has been a sort of therapy and has gotten me out of a very bad rut. RuneScape is one of the most important parts of my life and I know it is for others too.

I would appreciate genuine interaction and criticism when my plans are released. If we can show how much we want these updates ( Trust me, you will. I get chills thinking about how much fun this will inject into RS), then hopefully Jagex will listen.

What to expect:

-Solution to power creeping/switchscape.

-Agility/construction/crafting updates to better integrate content into gameplay.

-Solution to trimmed comp cape CW req.

-Minigame revamp.

-GP dumps that are rewarding and super effing fun/rewarding.

a, Ironman tweaks

-Less grind, more active, fun dynamic gameplay with playerbase.

-Collection items and account bound items/rewards.

I have been thinking about how RuneScape can become a much better game. Recently, I have been working on some ideas that involve a crafting, construction and mini game update. I honestly believe my ideas will save this game from dying and repopulate it with new and RuneScape gold returning players.

I have been working hard to streamline these ideas so that very little Dev time will need to take place but the vitality that would result would be astounding. I will be posting my ideas in a long (hopefully enjoyable/ excitement inducing) document in 2-7 days. Have a great days Scapers, love you all and I will not let you down.