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​RuneScape - F2P is not that bad

news Sep-05-2019

​RuneScape - F2P is not that bad

I've been arena a F2P alt while I do AFK accepting and noticed a lot of humans aggravating to save up for a band too early. I accept this is a complete bad abstraction abnormally if you're accepting associates through bonds. Ideally already you become associates you'll be a affiliate for as continued as you play the game. This agency there's no acumen to decay that time accomplishing accepting you can do in F2P. Obviously there's abbreviating allotment so you don't wish to get like all F2P 99s first. About they've done a lot of updates to F2P to accomplish it far bigger than previously. Actuality are some baselines that aren't too difficult or time arresting in F2P.

1, Do all F2P quests and mini quests, this goes afterwards adage abounding of them are appropriate for associates quests not to acknowledgment appropriate rewards.

2, Do all F2P Task sets, analogously to #1 these accept acceptable rewards and are appropriate for the associates tasks.

3, Accept a acceptable starting point in your stats/skills. It doesn't accomplish abundant faculty to alpha associates at lv3 with 1 everything. Skilling in F2P isn't too bad for the aboriginal allotment of a lot of skills. I would say get as abutting to baseline 70 in all F2P skills as you can. Some exceptions are RC because you can abandoned do the everyman runespan floor, DG because sinkholes exist, and Adoration because F2P adoration is horrible.

Combat doesn't crop too continued until 70s.

Mining is air-conditioned AFK and in actuality appropriate GP for F2P. Luminite and Runite are good. Accomplish abiding you use an ore box.

Smithing can be big-ticket depending on how you do it but 70 isn't too bad. I'd at atomic get 60 for the aboriginal associates tier.

Fishing just do fly fishing bottomward them with activity bar. Get at atomic 68 to alleviate the abysmal sea fishing breadth in members.

Cooking just baker stuff.

Firemaking just do bonfires, sometimes there's braziers at the GE.

WC just do willows. Get at atomic 68 for Ivy.

Crafting you can either do adornment to accomplish a accumulation or do covering to accomplish it quicker.

Fletching you can either fletch or cord bows, this is aswell appropriate profit. Unstrung bows can be annoying to buy sometimes.

RC as declared just do the aboriginal runespan attic until 50 which unlocks the rune Goldberg apparatus for Vis Wax ~500K GP circadian accumulation in members.

4. Now that you've done 1-3 you wish to blitz associates right? Able-bodied get at atomic 10M GP for gear/supplies first. This shouldn't be too harder depending on how you did mining, crafting and fletching, buy RuneScape gold. About it will abundantly advice your clip in starting associates to plan your way up to bigger money making.

5. Lastly I acclaim the amazing guides on the RS Wiki for both F2P and members. They may not be complete or 100% up to date but they're a abundant abode to alpha and usually accomplished to get through stuff.