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​RuneScape - Drab-scape server

news Nov-15-2019

​RuneScape - Drab-scape server

Is it absolutely too abundant to ask for us to accept ONE SERVER a "Drab-Scape" server? There are in fact abounding allowances to accepting one or two servers "Drabe-Scape".

Have one on a pilot affairs to see if there is absorption for 3-6 months. It will anon annihilate the agitation actuality behindhand if it is acknowledged or a failure.

1.) Players with FPS issues that get worse from accessory with boundless particles can play the bold actuality eliminating those complaints.

2.) Force drakes to be in the babyish or boyish beforehand stages, players that absolutely abhorrence them can play on that server. (Personally I adulation drakes)

3.) If Drab-Scape was so unpopular, why does OSRS accept so abounding players if added amateur attending added like how RS3 is becoming?

4.) This will apparently end up accepting air-conditioned accepted with IronMan/Woman accounts back abounding of them cannot get the MTX accessory offered on TH.

5.) Agnosticism we'd lose barter over it, admitting it may advice with the amateur assimilation problem. If they become accepted can add a few more. MTX barter that adulation particles and drakes will abide artless by this change and would accept no acumen to leave.

6.) In the attenuate case MTX accessory particles could could cause disconnects, etc. Humans can army to those worlds until Jagex can boldness the issue.

Have I absent any allowances to accepting a "Drab-scape" server?

Have I absent any issues this would cause? (Maybe a association adeptness charge a new home world)