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Sep-14-2018 Categories: news

We all apperceive that something needs to change with these capes, even Jagex has accepted that, but the months, and, bluntly years, accept aureate by with Jagex adage they are discussing it and annihilation more RS gold. We've apparent account consistently acquaint on actuality but annihilation in actuality comes of them, so here's acquisitive that a bigger architecture will get things moving.

First of all, requirements. We've all apparent these posts: some humans advance a % of Runescore become a new requirement, some humans just say abolish Reaper etc etc. Aback the endure one, and the added all-embracing abstraction of advancing up with new guidelines for the comp/trim capes will ultimately just advance to a lot of disagreement, I advance we go the Runescore route.

Change the Atone and Trimmed Atone capes to crave a assertive allotment of the best RuneScore. We can agitation what allotment this is, but one affair I am abiding of is that in adjustment to abstain the affair of Accumulation Pvm in the future, Trim should be set at a akin area you can access it by accomplishing appealing abundant every accomplishment that gives Runescore except Group-Pvm accompanying ones. I accept no abstraction what this is, I'm abiding somewhat can plan out what allotment of runescore you get if you deduce those achievements (Raids, Accumulation PvM, Accumulation Pvm KC). Afresh set approved Atone to be about 15% lower than this. This aswell fits accurately with the new achievements activity Mod Orion is alive on, that'll add a amount added to all altered categories.

With Monday's changes to achievements, some top contour accepted atone reqs will no best accord RuneScore - things like Reaper and Music Maestro that can be re-locked. In adjustment to fix this and accompany them aback as options, I advance abacus a alternation of achievements to alleviate 100/250/500/750/1000 music advance (with 1500 added whenever we get there), with these giving RuneScore. I'm not abiding if the accomplishment for killing a bang-up for the aboriginal time gives any RuneScore, but if not afresh abacus it (with added accustomed for the harder bosses) fixes the Reaper issue. Ideally the KC and Telos enrage achievements would aswell be afflicted to accord added than 5 RuneScore for harder bosses/higher enrage.

The added band-aid humans present is to accomplish the capes cosmetic. I anticipate this should be done, not instead of any changes to requirements, but as able-bodied as the above, so that they in actuality are for humans who adore this array of thing. The Comp, Trimmed Atone and Max capes should all be bargain to approved skillcape(t) stats. Of course, the accepted capes accept stats and teleport functions that humans are acclimated to, and these shouldn't just be snatched away. I accordingly advance the afterward solutions:

Stats: I advance buffing the body cape from Body wars to accept the aloft stats as the accepted Max cape. The Body capes from acquisition the Anamnesis of Nomad would aswell accept these stats, with the 6 and 8 minute variants (the hardest two) accepting stats of the accepted Atone cape. I aswell advance that Players should be able to accomplish capes with the aloft stats as the atone cape, except with alone one of the accident bonuses, by accumulation a above reefwalker's cape, the accordant Fight Kiln cape, and some Ancient Scales (to accord Temple of Amanishi some added rewards).

Teleports: These are alone teleports on absolute items, so annihilation needs to be done.

Passive effects: These abatement into two categories really: those already on the cape and those added by skillcapes. I advance the afterward resolutions:

Ava effect: Completing the adventure Beastly Magentism provides additionally a 'small magnet' account that may be added to the Toolbelt to accommodate the Ava furnishings permanently.

Ardy Cloak: Aback this is a non-combat effect, you lsoe annihilation swapping down to the Ardy Blind or Thieving Cape anyway, so no change needed.

Spirit Cloak: Add to the DG abundance a annal that unlocks the Spirit cloak's aftereffect as a abiding buff. The Spirit blind account would abide and assemblage with it.

Skillcapes: The point of these is to accomplish it so that we accept the accepted bonuses we get from cutting a comp-cape-with-3-combat-skillcapes in it, afterwards authoritative it so every top-end cape has to be able to be combiend with 3 skillcapes.

Strength Skillcape: Buying this cape unlocks a 'Mutated Dismember' adeptness that does what the accustomed one does if cutting the Backbone skillcape (to accord with issues area you may not ambition the best bleed, the aboriginal should abide arresting and allotment a cooldown).

Attack Skillcape: Buying this cape adds the advantage as a abiding affection to you, with the cape accouterment the advantage additionally and stacking with it (so if you accept bought a 99 Advance cape your accessory degrades 2% slower, and cutting it buffs to 4%).

Defence Skillcape: No change needed, aback we can backpack a augury of life. Candidly this would aswell admonition bore a little activity out of the game.

Invention Skillcape: Add a 'Charge Drain Abridgement 10' analysis at 120 Invention, giving the 2% abridgement the cape commonly does, with the cape accouterment added abridgement if worn.

HP Skillcape: Does anyone use this really? It saves something like 6 sharks an hour....

Ranged Skillcape: Noone has this in a Atone Cape because it has Ava's aftereffect anyway, and as a cape it's kinda worse because it has beneath damage. I advance alteration the aftereffect to accept a 5% adventitious to abate the burning of ammo beneath any affairs (with the ammo retrieval aftereffect still accepting done by the toolbelt allurement appropriate earlier). So a 5% adventitious to save cannonballs in the (ranged only) cannon, to save bugged Bakriminel bolts, to abate ammo breaking naturally, etc.

To be honest, I can't see Jagex in actuality alteration Atone and Trim to the amount they charge to because any fox causes an amber of problems, as we accept apparent here. the botheration is, that Jagex needs to accept that abrogation them as is is itself a in actuality bad idea, as we saw with Solak's release. My accomplishment is that with not just an abstraction of change but hopefully all the problems that change causes accepting solveed, they adeptness assuredly adjudge to fix it. Change is needed, so that humans can stop actively absent no new accumulation administration to anytime be appear (because award competent teams is hell) and so that we can in actuality get new end-game capes again. If was the endure time a new cape was released, afterwards all?