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​RuneScape - Can we amuse get the bold applicant on MAC fixed

news Nov-05-2019

​RuneScape - Can we amuse get the bold applicant on MAC fixed

I've been arena like this for a while, and although it does blast rarely. But afresh it's been abolition added often.

It's gotten to a point, breadth I can't even go to telos because every individual time the bold crashes immediately.

There are a brace of things associated with the crash:

- Pre-loading of account icons (instantly crashes if beneath 50%) Which in fact takes so abuse continued to load, and if it's not at 100% afresh the bold lags horribly, or just crashes.

- On lodestone teleports.

- On abstract bosses.

Another affair is, if I crash, I accept like accessible the game, log in, and afresh let it blast addition 5-6 times afore I can in fact play again. Could we amuse get this fixed?

This is something Vets of RS will understand, because they adulation the abuse bold so much. But if a new amateur had to acquaintance this, I'm abiding it would instantly aftereffect in an uninstall.