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Nov-08-2018 Categories: news

Proposal superior of activity update; acquiesce players to use added ushabiti to move/remove monsters for afterwards use or alive for alcove optimization; and acquiesce players below 99 to appointment accession players alcove (Either for paid time admission like administration or for chargeless if the buyer allows so).

So some accomplishments for those that are not yet able to admission or able to and blind at 99 apache players may activate accession the souls of monsters via Ushabiti to actualize clandestine apache dungeons that can accommodate (nearly) every non bang-up monster in game.

# Aboriginal proposal; Application new ushi's to move souls in the dungeons already

As it's stands currently however, players may alone abode a monster already aural a alcove and never adapt it afresh afterwards in actuality removing the beast. And, as the abridgement is due for a massive shakeup afterward January's absolution of M/S rework (and possibly eventually if humans in actuality yield to it in nov) i anticipate it's a acceptable time to acquiesce us to use added or anew bought ushi's to move souls pre placed in the alcove (At the amount of the new ushi and for no added xp for moving).

This would animate humans at 99 or 120 to abide training the accomplishment for ushabiti's to accumulate affective things about as the bazaar shifts, and possibly animate added Address apache as the faster your tasks get done the added credibility and by extension added ushi's you can get a authority of to accumulate up with the alteration market.

As a added acclimation artisan aswell i'd aswell advance a 2h air-conditioned down be placed on affective the souls about already they've been placed afresh just as a acclimation artisan for those in my affected with a acceptable 800 credibility acquisition dust with annihilation to use it on besides ushis and xp.

# Angle two; Acceptance players below 99 to appointment your alcove (for a amateur set fee)

Now angle two is abundant more...economic, so to speak. First, lets cut to assumption tacks this is a fractional gold sink, the minimum alternate amount (which you affirmation 20-50% of based on what the buyer sets as their cut) of 50k-10m OSRS gold, as absitively aloft by the buyer of the dungeon. With a examination advantage of the alcove afore accepting the admission fee to anticipate adept scammers from able say Edimmu while in actuality accepting a alcove abounding of Green dragons.

The idea, accepting that the players would specialize their dungeons to allure assertive kinds of players, ie; clandestine no antagonism waterfiends for afk training, clandestine admission to commonly absolute awash apache monsters, admission to monsters with top non slayer/quest requirements, etc. Appropriately removing some gold from the game, while at the aforementioned time, giving players the adeptness to alternation in accord afterwards accepting comatose while aswell breeding profits for the alcove owner, and removing gold in assorted quantities from the game.

Now of advance i don't apprehend this to be absolute if the abstraction is taken and ran with so to speak, defective tweaks like maybe the dungeons hire amount accepting pre bent by jagex and afresh the cut accepting absitively by the buyer up to half, but i'd at atomic like to see the affective souls with an ushi abstraction implemented as a above superior of activity amend for top akin slayers like myself.