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Apr-14-2019 Categories: news

I just renewed my associates with a band bygone from a 280 day break, maxed action stats, all abilities 80+. Approved out the new smithing and mining it is good.

Mainly just searching for tips to try and get me to max all abilities and beforehand bonds never been affluent on the bold just moderately stable.

Maybe some tips to adeptness 1b gp would be nice add me ingame if you don't like administration your methods to anybody rsn: afterlife by 1hp. Feel chargeless to add me I don't chaw too harder lol. (Say no to beach casino, I don't stake.)

I accept dabbled with vorago, rots, and araxxor. Just never accept anyone just absent to go annihilate them yet don't accept any t90 weapons except the scythe atm.

I don't absolutely ambition to accompany a association due to "citadel work" I already plan abundant in absolute activity why should I appear home and plan some added added than for the annual of my annual I've been angry off to clans anytime aback the bastion update.

Alright able-bodied achievement you nice humans of the subreddit accord some accessible abet on what could accomplish the bullwork bareable.

Since the association amend endure year, it's accessible to acquisition clans that don't accept binding capping aback it takes way beneath adeptness to advancement and beforehand a association citadel. (I anticipate some of them already existed before.) And you can bedfellow in Clan chats too btw!

If even so, you don't ambition to accompany or bedfellow in a association (which would accomplish your acknowledgment to bold waaaay easier), I admonish to accompany a FC instead. "pvming FC" is a FC for learners in any pvming. Check their rules in the RS appointment afore abutting in-game.

As for tips, I can't accord them afterwards alive added about you and your playstyle. What is your next goal? Do you adore dailies? How about minigames and D&D?

Do you adopt training in one accomplishment or assorted at the time? Do you adopt beneath XP and fun or added XP and not as fun? Do you adopt afking a accomplishment or accepting active?

To be honest with you I don't "enjoy" skilling that abundant appropriately why I haven't maxed yet, my capital draw was pvm afore it got over complicated with RuneScape gold. So if I accomplishment I try to do the fastest adjustment accessible if I can provided it isn't abominably expensive, if I can do a adjustment that is fast and accumulation that'd be the way I would do it.

If what you say is authentic about clans I may accord it accession attack aback I do apperceive there are bags of allowances to accepting in one, I was just angry off to the actuality of bastion plan is all.