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Apr-09-2018 Categories: news

I dont accept programming at all but ive apparent assorted posts breadth they accept said they will had in a map alternative yet we still dont accept one of cheap PUBG Skins, is it harder to do or are the devs just not prioritizing it?

I'm so ailing of the shitty arid map it drives me crazy abetment out of amateur just to try and get erangel.

They've already said they are searching into the best way to apparatus Map Selection.

This does not beggarly that coding Map Alternative into the bold is difficult, but that they ambition to use the appropriate blazon of Map Selection

Saying things like, "Hur dur, why don't they just add a box for me to aces which map I want???" is acutely apprenticed to the accomplished process. (not adage you said this).

Lets do some asperous algebraic for FPP NA servers.

2.5 actor circumstantial players with almost 20% accepting from the USA (Correct me if you acquisition a added authentic percentage, I'd acknowledge it.)

So if you play NA, afresh you're arena with 500k people.

TPP is the a lot of popular, so it'd be added than a 50% breach - we'll say 70% (Please actual me if you acquisition bigger information).

That puts us at 150k amateur for FPP NA, but afresh we accept to bisect by Solo, Duo, and Squad.

Even if it was an even breach (which it's not) afresh you're searching at 50k players, but we're not done yet, you still charge to bisect by the amount of maps. Say they add the third map forth with Map Alternative - afresh you'd bisect that 50k by 3 which equals a admirable absolute of 16k players.

AND that's abandoned if the map alternative was an even breach - that agency humans who ambition Miramar or even Erangel (savage will be abundant added accepted at first) will be arena with beneath than 16k players.

So in conclusion, the best way to add map alternative is NOT to just add a box to analysis that map you want.

That's a fucking abhorrent idea. I in fact achievement this helped you see that implementing Map Alternative finer is not as simple as shitty threads/comments on reddit would accept you believe.