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​POE - You can't accomplish aggregate appropriately good

news Apr-15-2019

​POE - You can't accomplish aggregate appropriately good

If any body can annihilate anything, afresh what's larboard is annihilate enemies in the way you ambition them to. If accepted ability akin allows it, why not?

Bleed absolutely doesn't absolutely crave a lot of investment to work, i've done it as a alliance alpha in Betrayal.

Three minute maps on a ~20c budget. Of course, it's not as able as . I never said it is.

You admeasurement advance body DPS in the exact aforementioned way, through boilerplate DPS if you're attacking. I never saw anybody accuse that complete DPS is lower because you accept to contrivance every now and then.

Bleed needs admission up time, but it's not as continued as humans anticipate aback drain DPS blueprint is a hyperbola.

Good body will get appropriate accident bound abundant and you still accord accident even if you contrivance about which is something hit builds can't do.

Either way, you can't accomplish aggregate appropriately good:

1, If everything's the same, afresh aggregate will feel the same. Your best doesn't matter.

2, If you accomplish abilities accord aforementioned accident but they're altered enough, alone the one with best mechanics will be acclimated (ex: Cold Snap > Arctic Breath).

3, If you accomplish them altered accident and artisan wise, you will end up with humans application both of the best ones (ex: Storm Brand + Lightning Spire Trap).

4, If you addict one accomplishment enough, humans will cry there's no acumen to use added still abundant accomplishment because X outperforms them. It is an amaranthine aeon of meta shift.

No bulk what you do, something is traveling to get abbreviate end of the stick.

Bleed is not meta, that's allright. Let humans who adore a little bit of attempt to accomplish something applicable accept something to plan with.

Not anybody enjoys abusing the aforementioned mechanics over and over afresh to accord millions of DPS. I abiding don't.

By the way, you did not acknowledgment my antecedent question of PoE currency. Because something is better, it doesn't accomplish added things action worse than they do.