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​POE - Why is bright acceleration king

news May-13-2019

​POE - Why is bright acceleration king

This isn't a bang allurement title, I'm in actuality analytical to apprehend people's complete opinions on this. Essentially, I ambition to apperceive why humans adore the adventurous more, or acquire they adore the adventurous more, if they are able to one-shot aggregate and bright maps in beneath that two minutes.

I'm a casual, I accept that freely. I play maybe 1 or 2 hours per day. I aswell accomplish all my own builds and play SSF exclusively, so I'm in actuality an outlier in some regards.

What I acquire begin for myself is, if I actualize a body that can bright aggregate with affluence I anon get apathetic and reroll on accession body abstraction I've had. I afresh acquire fun afresh attempting to accomplish the new body viable. By contrast, I see a lot of players absorption so harder on clearspeed at endgame, and cutting as calmly as the adventurous will allow, and afresh claiming that we can't apathetic the adventurous down at all because players will leave en masse.

What I can't accept is, if you're arena the game, and you like the game, why does it bulk if aggregate happens 50% or 100% faster? Sure, you will not ability as abundant agreeable as quickly, but you're still killing monsters, you're still animate on your build, and you're still accepting boodle drops. In essence, you're still arena the game.

So, again: Why do humans adore arena the adventurous added at 200% acceleration added than at 100% speed?

NOTE: This column was aggressive by accession contempo column actuality about accretion monster bloom and abbreviating monster damage, and the backfire in that column about how we in actuality cannot apathetic the adventurous down.

For me it boils down to accepting able to admission the content. There is a lot of agreeable in the adventurous I acquire never apparent (or acquire apparent but not completed). I acquire never fought the Pale Council, I acquire alone fought Uber Atziri once, etc.

So the faster I can clear, the added boodle drops which relates in one way or accession to added bill which will acquiesce me to acquirement accessory or items I charge to "unlock" the agreeable I ambition to access.

Then you acquire things like burrow administration which are not agreeable bound by accessory so abundant as by authentic RNG. So the added delves I can do, the added acceptable I am to acquisition the bosses.

So in a way, the acute bulk of RNG the adventurous uses array of armament players that ambition a adventurous play acquaintance that is more....predictable isn't in actuality the babble I want, but that will plan for now.....players that ambition a added anticipated adventurous plan charge to account the RNG by churning through agreeable complete fast.

In accession to this, even admitting Chris seems to acquire adumbrated the adventurous plays faster than he would like, PoE trade currency to complete all 40 challenges anniversary league, you acquire to either play complete fast or VERY often. So GGG is incentivizing fast bright acceleration by accepting things like hundreds of endgame bang-up kills on assorted altered administration in a three ages alliance be a claim for claiming completion.