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May-17-2018 Categories: news

I in actuality adore what you are accomplishing in hc Mathil. I acknowledge I m one of those players like a lot of of the humans who play hc(yes including top racers) arena semi safe content, shaped meta, logging out poe currency whenever there is an abeyant crisis to my character.

I don't anticipate that this bold should be played like this, but the adeptness and the antagonism allotment accomplish me breach abroad from alarming encounters. It s so black that ggg does annihilation to actuate humans accomplishing harder content, it s just so dull at the moment, it makes no faculty to do all of those arduous map bosses, Abaxoth or annihilation abroad in the bold that requires accomplishment instead of just dispatch and face tanking everything. So koodos to you mr mathil for aggravating this.

Stop the amphitheater jerking. If you anytime apparent the top1 hcssf gladiator accomplishing maps you'd apperceive it's rippy as fuck. You'd apparently die assorted times accomplishing the agreeable he's accomplishing with his gear.

Don't yield abroad their celebrity to feel acceptable about urself.

This, what mathil is doing, and what ladder blame humans are accomplishing is a aberration amid arena and sky. He isn't accomplishing rippy alarming shit, he's accomplishing impaired shit... And not impaired like hoho difficult you will totaly die, added like impaired kid afraid ablution pods into his aperture stupid.

IMHO HC is altered in a way that you can absolutely do harder content, you just charge to adapt for it. You can't go in with your pants down yolo, that's the accomplished point, it's a progression in of itself. Some things you can alone do in specific builds like anteroom of grandmasters for instance.

There was a guy affairs it anniversary one on allegory for like 5c a completion, that's how simple he priced it for himself, one of the rippiest agreeable in the game, could cause he had the body for it. STD humans just don't get it admitting lol.

But hey, traveling pants down abounding glass-cannon is basically the cast mathil has created for himself and it formed abundant for him.

When the accolade of a bold is accepting ingame coins instead of in actuality accepting fun. I assumption poeple in poe nowadays alone accepting fun by accepting shittons of money with the atomic effort(not arena the bold )instead of in actuality arena it.

Bottom band is there are a lot of insentives to do all altered accepting in poe but humans are so narrowed down in their way of playing. But as connected as you accept fun accomplishing it, added adeptness to you.