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Jun-06-2018 Categories: news

1, An NPC spawns in about every every zone, that teleports you into "Past temple, individual room".

2, You acquire a actual bound bulk of time to annihilate monsters in these areas in adjustment to accomplish the objectives. Killing the monsters gives you abit of added time to break in the breadth afore you are finer kicked out.

3, There are 2 things you can/want to do in these timed areas if teleported there:

a) Annihilate a altered mob. There are 2 per area, and depending on which one you annihilate the breadth will change the "Real temple" which we will get to in a bit. You are told what the changes are by searching at the window you are apparent by the NPC afore accepting teleported in.

b) Accessible Doors. Anniversary time you are teleported into "Past temple, individual room" it will acceptable acquire some doors that can be opened. These doors bulk for the "Real temple" that we will allocution about later. The NPC will acquire a accidental allowance to teleport you into anniversary time, and it'll acquire some doors you can open. In adjustment to accessible the doors you charge to annihilate the mobs until an account drops, afterwards which you aces it up and go accessible one of the doors. Its harder than it sounds due to the actual actual bound timer. This account is the alone account that will bead during these teleportation sessions, with all added items actualization AFTER you acquire been kicked out due to the timer (you'll see what I beggarly already you do it already or twice).

4, Afterwards accepting teleported into the appropriate areas several times (I anticipate it is about 12), you assuredly get to do the "Real Temple". How it looks depends on what altered mobs you dead in "Past temple, individual room"s and what doors you opened. The "Real Temple" is all the apartment of the "Past temple" that you've been visiting one by one stitched together. You can acquire a attending at how they are affiliated and what they are by acute they V key on your keyboard. In this "Real Temple" you acquire no timer and just airing through killing everything, while accession any rewards that you fabricated arise by manipulating the "Past temple" rooms. For example, if in the "Past temple" you dead a altered mob who's afterlife makes the allowance become a abundance room, afresh in the "Real temple" that allowance will acquire abundance in it. Now just airing about the Absolute Temple, accession all the boodle and hopefully get to the bang-up at the top (as continued as you opened the appropriate doors if you were accomplishing the "Past Temple").

5, Already you accomplished the "Real Temple", you get 12 added "Past temple, individual room" runs, and afresh accession absolute temple. Rinse, repeat.

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