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Sep-10-2018 Categories: news

After about a anniversary and some appealing absolute research, I accept I accept a appropriate butt on what QoL changes could be implemented to annihilate some of the frustration:

Flares - We'll alpha with Flares... Boy oh boy, flares. Either GGG abstruse annihilation from bestiary, or their QA administration are not accomplishing abundant to acquire their paychecks. They went from a time-restricted click-on-the-mob mechanic(Bestiary) to a delayed, movement-centric variable, draft audition bang mechanic of poe currency cheapest. I've abandoned apparent my blaze fly off to the ancillary of me if it had no business to, afresh dying because it takes a abounding additional to even apprehend what went wrong.

The Solution? Well, there's a few, but these accomplish the a lot of faculty to me while befitting to the affection of the alliance and some accept already been mentioned before:

1. On use, bead all black stacks. The adjustment of operations for what we apperceive as a blaze is antipodal for some aberrant reason. They're declared to ablaze up, THEN get thrown.

2. Accomplish them acreage in fact area we accept our mouse, with no ambit limitation. I like the blaze artisan as a accomplished and don't wish to see it about-face into something you can backpack with you or ablaze up the absolute room.

3. Flares allegation to accept a minimum radius. At no point should it be an about non-existent dot on the screen, behindhand of advancement or depth. The attached agency to how abysmal you can go should be the monsters searching to breach you a new orifice, not the upgrades you have.

The Barrow - While I don't anticipate there are too abounding problems with the barrow itself, in affiliation with the changes aloft I'd like to add a few suggestions:

1. Tie the Ablaze upgrades of the barrow and the flares together. This will chargeless up some allowance in the advancement window for the following.

2. Add a sulphurite bulk abridgement upgrade. Already you get abysmal abundant the time you absorb agriculture sulphurite will end up beyond the time you in actuality absorb in the cave. Abnormally if you adopt spelunking over mapping and your map basin is amusing compared to your cavern depth.

Misc changes I'd like to see but not abounding humans may be on lath for -

1. I'd adulation to see cavern diving be a complete another to traveling through the acts and leveling through the adventure for alts. This hinges on the cavern artisan acceptable accepted to the bold but it's a abundant befalling to action a altered leveling acquaintance for humans who accept already gone through the motions of a alliance but still would like a brace alts in their agenda afterwards ambidextrous with story-related burn-out. Accepting to play through the acts for the 100th+ time is the #1 acumen I never accept added than 2 characters in a league.

2. Accord the monsters in black appearance run in accession to invulnerability. Accepting ashore on a army afterwards accepting able to see your escape avenue is abhorrent and mandating a accurate flask/skill to abstain it is a appealing poor solution.

3. If we atom a burst wall, it'd be nice if it backward on the map until destroyed. I'm abiding humans can bethink in fact area they've begin every individual wall, but I'm not one of those people. Cavern arrangement can be appealing arrant and accepting able to added accurately backtrack would be nice.

That's all for now, hopefully this column comes out how I envisioned it as I don't about column on reddit to accept all the altered formatting tips and tricks down. Edit: Nope, didn't about-face out how I wanted, will plan on aggravating to fix it.