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Jul-12-2018 Categories: news

If the absolute coins trading bazaar is traveling to be accustomed to be controlled by bots, what's the point of there not just accepting an bargain house? I've apparent the exact aforementioned bots affairs and affairs coins in fact all day continued aback the alliance started.

Once you see them the aboriginal time, they auto acquire your invite, they abatement your barter requests, and afresh they instantly bang you adapted after. They're so simple to spot.

The a lot of arresting allotment is that you could be mid-trade and they'll just abatement it and bang you, adequate because their bot ample out a new trend in the bazaar and accomplished accomplishing the barter is a waste, or whatever the hell.

There's no advantage to address these people, they'll advisedly abide botting until the the end of the alliance because if they've survived this continued while advancing to the absorption of tens of bags of traders, I agnosticism they'll be banned anytime soon.

So if we're traveling to just acquiesce a bot to do all the trading, afresh what is the altercation adjoin a coins bargain house? Why can't we just accomplish our trades instant? It's so annoying to acquire to go through 15 altered humans to barter off all my clutter currency, and it's even added annoying if I acquire an odd bulk of coins and can't advertise it all.

Then there's the actuality that it's so abundantly simple to dispense the market, although they are adequately simple to spot. The humans who acquire just abundant coins to do one trade, but will NEVER acknowledge to your barter requests, afresh you analysis aback an hour afterwards and already the bazaar has confused to attempt with their price, they've gone even lower.

I'm not aggravating to accord an claiming here, but it's either you ban all the botters, or you alpha authoritative systems to avert the botters, by creating an bargain abode which stops acceptance these humans to accumulation so much.

EDIT: Way too abounding humans aggravating to affirmation "but what if they aren't bots", so I'm just gonna analyze with how I'm 100% absolute these humans are bots. I'd adulation to name names for humans to go analysis these humans out yourselves, but this is adjoin the rules of the subreddit, so yeah.

As I've said in the comments, I've played the bold aback beta, aback afore the bold was even technically f2p, if you had to pay $10 to in actuality play the game. I've traded tens of bags of people, if not hundreds of thousands, I acquire what it's like to barter with anyone who's a absolute action animal being, abnormally if they're an able trader. These "people" are annihilation like that.

These "people" allure you to the affair about instantly, every individual time, afterwards fail. A accustomed but able banker adeptness acquire a bit of a delay, because they may be in the average of a barter at that exact moment. But you could accompany into a affair with 4 humans cat-and-mouse instantly.

No bulk how abounding humans are in the party, even if it's just you, if you advanced the barter request, they will about instantly abatement it. Accustomed traders don't do this, abnormally because if you're abandoned in the average of trading one guy, it's abundant added able to just bang "Accept".

When the barter is assuredly done, they just bang you from the party, no "ty", no "t4t", nothing. Because that MercuryTrade closes the interface whether you bang "x" or "thx", there is no ability absent from adage thanks. Afresh there's the next appropriate alfresco of the trades themselves, these humans are usually low akin characters, about akin 2. Their hideouts are in actuality barren.

All of the bots display these signs, usually the abandoned aberration amid them is what cover they're using, or maybe one of them has a absolute slight bulk of editing. I'm not just affairs this bits out of my ass, I didn't see one or two bots and get crazily affronted about it, I've done hundreds of trades with these bots this alliance alone.

I'd adulation to just avoid them and use added people, but I in fact lose out by not application them, they consistently action the a lot of aggressive prices. I've even meme'd occasionally and said "thanks x, you're my admired bot".

You'd anticipate that if these humans were absolute traders, they'd at atomic acknowledge aback with something like "lol" or whatever to a animadversion like that poe currency. Abounding times I've apparent humans affronted in these guy's hideouts calling them botters and accepting affronted because the bot al of a sudden absitively they didn't ambition that guy's currency. The bots never respond.