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​POE - The new Doomsower is absolutely good

news Oct-10-2019

​POE - The new Doomsower is absolutely good

Saw the rework for Doomsower and it seemed to acquire Infernal Blow Slayer accounting all over it so I gave it a go not assured too much, but I adulation Infernal Blow so I'd acquire fun.

This cast is alone 100c for a 6 hotlink appropriate now and it's great. My "Doomblower" has accomplished 95 with beneath 15 deaths and I just did my aboriginal Uber Elder this alliance and it was bland as hell. The best allotment is if you advance in Tribal Fury you can bright maps afterwards affiliated alarm or affray burst so you don't even allegation to gem swap, this is absolutely what I've been analytic for from Infernal Blow for years.

I anticipate razor of the seventh sun iblow administrator is better. You get huge ignites, I dont apperceive how much, because pob doesn't caluclate it correctly. Regen is crazy high, you end up with like 40k armor with amorphous blaze and granite flask. Instant heals. With burn prolif you don't allegation affiliated call. I did this in countless and rarely died. Cleared uber all-knowing and farmed t16. The alone kinda off affair is the accretion 100% phys as blaze every so abounding seconds. Accepting use to this on administration can yield a little.

Use Kaoms roots, basal overload, storm cast for ee and onslaught/whatever annual you like. Curse on hit etc. autocast aqueous shell. Use Dyadian Dawn and baleful pride.

Double Malevolence, accretion rate/damage over time is appealing cheap. You get adeptness allegation gen from approved nodes because you are consistently accepting hit. acquire some block from dw and some phys as fire. With the buffs to burn I bet the accident is even bigger and it was acceptable before. PoB shows batter chest as a addition to burn and capital hit.

Links are multi, immolate, combustion, burn prolif, basal accident to attacks.

Auras, malevolence, adviser of fire, claret and sand.

I'm not abiding if the amorphous blaze is annual it, but I absolutely capital armor. Adeptness be bigger to advance in phys taken as blaze and run abstention of fire. Freeing up a captain slot, at that point, i'd bead aqueous carapace for abiding alarm apparently back you are consistently breeding adeptness charges.

In bane you can aswell save the credibility it takes to get to activity void, by anointing for backbone leech. Or acquisition addition way to administer mana. OniInChief is my accepted guy if anyone wants to see it. Ignore POB numbers, they don't appear abutting to accepting the burn accident right.