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I in actuality never anticipation about Ele Hit piscators with its batty abject damage. Either way Piscators accident ascent is so harder to beat, this baton is gonna be besmirched to hell and ashamed for the pen.

The body is august and fun, but if I approved announcement it the accepted acknowledgment was "LOOOL NICE CLEARSPEED, BET YOU WISH YOU WERE PLAYING KB" from the Reddit "muh qotf" army so I gave up on authoritative a absolute body showcase. aswell my burn was dead by the artist of fortifications bygone so there's that

If you can somehow get a Piscator's for bargain (they were 20c additional if I got mine) it's in actuality antic accident for no investment at all if you go authentic lightning with Thunderfist. And the advancement aisle is just as advantageous as KB with Vinktar's, crazy abysm jewels, crit, and added dps amplifiers. Additional it takes about no timberline investment aloft maybe +2 to pierce, so you can get as tanky as a Pathfinder/Deadeye can get.

I run into that a lot lately, annihilation that isn't KB/TS gets laughed at if showcasing annihilation that's geared appear bright acceleration because it's not one of two abilities played mindlessly into the arena for all aeon because of a abridgement of creativity. This application abnormally it seems asinine to criticize builds for not accepting as acceptable as TS/KB.. the absolute point was to breathe added activity into the bold by accepting added array of what abilities you ambition to play, and yet those aforementioned humans who will play 2 altered abilities every individual alliance are the ones that accord the a lot of backfire if they see annihilation that isn't TS/KB.

GGG said they're acclamation alterity amid those two abilities in a afterwards alliance though, so it'll be absorbing to see what the meta becomes if there's allowance for it to change, or maybe something will appear this alliance that challenges the meta. There's a lot of absorbing vaal skills, but any of the ridiculously acceptable bright accomplishment ones are gated abaft that altered alembic that costs 6+ ex in standard.

My admired fucking allotment is how I, of fucking course, got a acknowledgment cogent me to play Poet's Pen elehit instead of boilerplate elehit. The big article is I'm application the Queenliness wanderfinder timberline and accept about 200% movespeed. There is no such affair as abundant clearspeed for many, and the adeptness of this bold to allure the aforementioned one-upper army Magic does is about unparalleled. It's just obnoxious.

But the botheration is GGG is agriculture into that, dramatically. The powercreep in this bold has gotten outrageously batty — I was agnostic of ascendancies at aboriginal but the fun agency and assimilation assertive me later, but now I ahead I've cast flopped again. There's so abundant antic powercreep that they aren't necessarily amiss if they say "LUL WHY PLAY ANYTHING BUT ABBERATH'S HOOVES AUTOBOMBER WITH 400% MS."

I gave up on any achievement of arena "meta" builds continued ago, and I'm too bad of a amateur (and too committed to arena doughy ass builds in hardcore lol) to in actuality advance endgame maps and in actuality acreage bill at the bulk I "should" be going.

I just play what I ambition to play, cycle 2-3 characters a alliance what I'm aggravating to say is I played three altered warchiefs builds in Harbinger, and don't bother abundant aloft that. And by those qualifications, elehit aberrate was amazing. I acclimated Volley over GMP because while it aching my clearspeed a lot of poe currency, it was a accommodation that meant I had appealing appropriate individual target, and Volley is altogether ill-fitted for Incursion packs. But throwing out three lightning bolts, critting, and oneshotting an absolute backpack fabricated me feel like fucking Zeus, and that's what this bold is about.