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​POE - The band-aid to affray is not to accomplish affray abilities ranged

news Sep-03-2019

​POE - The band-aid to affray is not to accomplish affray abilities ranged

3.7 was not a affray league, it was just a analysis fix for abilities with the "melee" tag.

What is melee?

It ability be obvious, but the affray classic is a appearance of action that is present in a lot of RPGs breadth the abecedarian controls a individual character, and is aswell accessible in a lot of added genres. The primary address of affray combat, is to be up close and claimed with your enemies, base the way they move to get in able hits whilst accepting the accident of accepting aural the ambit for the adversary to do the same. This is an classic that works awfully able-bodied in PoE. 

Abilities such as Molten Strike and Double Strike acquire in the accomplished excelled at accident at the bulk of accepting abutting to the enemy.

What is not melee?

Reave, screenwide cyclone, tectonic bang etc. etc. That's not to say these abilities aren't cool, but they a lot of in fact are not melee.

The "melee" application 3.7

3.7 did a lot of in fact acquire amazing changes for absolute affray abilities in the forms of accuracy of gameplay and accident buffs, abnormally in the anatomy of collapsed damage. But ultimately, the primary change was giving affray added agency to not be melee. This was absolute bright in the anatomy of new abutment gems, weapon ambit scaling, and added breadth ascent options on the tree. Yeah, that's appealing cool, this way my "melee" tag abilities can aswell bright screenwide like bow builds and spells.

Howeve, that's not the address of affray combat.

Melee in Path of Exile

Actual affray action comes with huge after-effects and absolute accent (if any) advantages in PoE. You are affected to catchbasin affray hits, projectile attacks are decidedly harder to dodge, clearspeed is nonexistent. Upsides? I dunno maybe some forms of activity regen are easier to calibration and you can get a lot of DPS with VDS?

How to fix absolute melee

Ok so this is a boxy one, so far it's bright that affray just fucking sucks in PoE. So why would anyone anytime wish to play melee? That's right, rather than just authoritative affray ranged, how about incentivising melee? So, how do we do that? I'm not a able bold dev and I'm assertive GGG can anticipate up way added and bigger ideas, but I pulled some out my ass so we can alpha with those:

1: Adjacency effects

Proximity furnishings agnate to Pride or Point bare are in fact amazing, they abandoned plan if you're in fact continuing abutting to the enemy, which inherently makes you wish to angle in melee. Added types of adjacency furnishings than accident could also be played about with, how about adjacency Max res increase/armour multiplier/complete accident abridgement in the forms of notables or auras?

2: Accord absolute affray abilities bigger numbers

"And afresh we angled it" It's reasonable for something like affray with massive drawbacks to acquire some array of inherent advantage. Added accident is the accessible best here, giving the achievability of abundant bang-up accident with basal investment would be a cogent upside. It's aswell accessible to broil survivability or added account beeline into abilities that charge it.

3: Strike-skill specific things

Notables and abutment abilities that are abundantly able but abandoned plan with "strike" abilities should be available. If there are specific "strike" abilities that account too abundant from these, the tag can just be removed so they don't account from it. Things like burning leech, activity on hit, accident multipliers, advance speeds etc. all accomplish acceptable options here.