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​POE - Syndicate specific buried mods table

news Jan-11-2019

​POE - Syndicate specific buried mods table

I've been aggravating to ample out my crafting coffer but a few mods just accumulate artifice me. So I did some digging and POE RMT begin some advantageous info.

Each syndicate affiliate has their own buried mod. It can abandoned be acquired by actualization items abandoned from them. Luckily, you don't allegation to get them into your syndicate to acreage them - instead you can just go and buy them - just blazon the adept name in the seek box and it will advance the adapted buried mod, like this. They're usually up for a anarchy or sometimes two, with the accessible barring of Catarina. You can aswell see the mod name by application abundant tooltips.

The buried mod doesn't agreement that you will get the carbon you want, but the adventitious seems appealing decent. Took me beneath than 10 items for anniversary missing mod.

Edit: I've been told that Guff drops items with "increased accident during any alembic effect" mod, which is alleged "Brinerot" - that seems to be correct, because if you seek for Guff's items they are all gloves, buy poe currency and that mod is abandoned craftable on gloves.

Also a little agenda - the aberration allegation on crit mod is not adept specific, but can abandoned arise on quivers, which never bead naturally, so you can abandoned get it by putting accidental agitation in Aisling's analysis bench.

Here's the abounding list

Name - Stat(s) - Max rank

Leo's Veiled - #% added Damage - 4

Catarina's Veiled - # to Akin of Alveolate Abutment Gems - 2

Elreon's Veiled - # to Complete Mana Bulk of Skills - 4

Vorici's Veiled - #% added Accident while Leeching - 4

Haku's Veiled - # to Quality of Alveolate Gems - 4

Tora's Veiled - Adds # to # Concrete Accident / 25% adventitious to could could could could could could could cause Bleeding on Hit - 4

Vagan's Veiled - Hits can't be Evaded - 1

Guff's Veiled - #% added Accident during any Alembic Effect - 4

It That Fled's Veiled - Gain #% of Non-Chaos Accident as added Anarchy Damage - 4

Gravicius' Veiled - Gain #% of Maximum Activity as Added Maximum Activity Shield - 3

Korell's Veiled - #% of Concrete Accident from Hits taken as Fire Damage - 4

Rin's Veiled - #% adventitious to Avoid accepting Frozen / Cannot be Frozen - 4

of Janus' Veil - #% added Rarity of Items Abandoned by Slain Attenuate or Different Enemies - 4

of Hillock's Veil - #% added Attributes - 4

of Jorgin's Veil - 10% Adventitious to Trigger Akin 18 Summon Spectral Wolf on Kill - 1

of Cameria's Veil - #% added Global Analytical Strike Adventitious / # to Analytical Strike Multiplier if you've Shattered an Adversary Recently - 4

of Aisling's Veil - #% added Global Concrete Accident / #% added Anarchy Damage - 4

of Riker's Veil - #% added Fire Accident / #% added Lightning Damage - 4